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BH are essentially worthless in pvp

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BH are essentially worthless in pvp

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04.25.2012 , 03:24 PM | #321
Quote: Originally Posted by Humankeg View Post
While there is no point to take a Powertech when there is a Marauder or assassin to choose from, and you should always take an OPS healer when you have the option over a merc healer, Mercs and PT's are far from useless.

Stop exagerating so much, as it makes you look stupid. Powertechs still put out the best burst in game; the only issue is they are very squishy, and have almost no utility aside from taunt (not guard, because Shield tech is useless in Pvp) and grapple. Assassins have both taunt and grapple (plus guard) in addtion to a lot of other utility.

So again, while they are indeed better options for optimal classes/comps, BH's aren't useless.
Yes they are useless. If you play a team of skilled players in the right classes you will get stomped hard. Lol at powertechs having the best burst the would be ops. Oh you mean mercs well wrong again our burst post 1.2c is zero. Look at McCloud. Posted 560k damage and killed 14 people? That's a sad joke.

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04.25.2012 , 03:29 PM | #322
Quote: Originally Posted by cashogy View Post
the first screenshot, of your civil war loss, had you at 293k damage AND an opposing healer with 350k healing done. youre damage didnt get padded at all, nope, no sir

the second screenshot had no healers, yet nobody came close to 300k damage? you said like 50 times in this thread that kellers void had maras and sorcs that put up 450k+ damage every warzone. i dont see that in either of your screenshots.

i told you what i could do, and i backed it up with screenshots. youre failing pretty hard at supporting your claims right now.........

and you still didnt answer if youre a clicker or not. the serious lack of keybinds leads me to believe you are.......
No I'm not a clicker. That was my 2nd day using Pyro the entire top row is bound to a naga mouse. Now the 2nd row is getting binds as i get accustomed to the new build.
They do. They consistently output more damage than anyone else by far. I have several more grabs from today all with sorcs and Mars as top dps by a wide margin. With the healer nerf it takes specific situations for people to get super large dps now.