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Battleground pairing

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Battleground pairing

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12.17.2011 , 12:01 PM | #1
The search option is still disabled, as I see. I can't imagine I'm the first person to notice, that the people responsible for battleground pairing probably have no clue what modern PvP systems like elo rankings work like. I just finished a scenario which was basically a steamroll game, which made me think. Here's the setup:

Republic: 9 people, 5 below level 15. Not two people from the same clan (so all random squad).
Empire: 10 people, 4 clanmates (typical premade) all four level 50.

Now how the hell do you expect someone to win something like that? I'm level 26 and I was the highest level on the Republic side.

First of all you don't allow players with levels 10 to 50 to queue to the same battlegrounds and play together. How could you even try to think, that some bonus hitpoints and stats can beat skills and masteries you don't have on low levels? That's ridiculous, although it's a good idea. It sorta worked in WAR, but there were four level tiers there.

Secondly you create two separate queues for teams and solos, because teams are usually armed in vents/ts and stuff and that's worth more than anything on a scenario that requires tactics. Randoms always get their bottoms kicked when faced with medium skilled grouped players.

I hope it's just a temporary solution, because if not, than that's the worst system I've seen in this game so far.

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