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Athiss Post Beta

Karenai's Avatar

12.17.2011 , 02:27 PM | #11
Athiss hard? Just yesterday we went in there. I do not know how easy it was in the beta, but we went in with 3 sages and trooper tank.
Last boss was underwhelming. Ok, after 15sec one sage just went down...had dot and stood there, waiting for fireballs to reach him (just heal it trough like in this other game).
Soon after that the tank lost aggro for good, never got it back.
So, this DPS sage is healing, I am tanking as telekinetics sage, at about 50% hp the "tank" trooper dies from fireballs.
After that it was tank and spank. I did ran around al little bit to awoid the fireballs and the boss dropped down.

Oh, we all were the same level as the endboss except for the "tank" he was 23.