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I finally found a good topic for a fanfic.

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I finally found a good topic for a fanfic.

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04.09.2012 , 06:53 PM | #1
I have started to write, and it's a realist attempt (IE, 80-90 pages) to use a concept from ''modern'' SW era into a Great Galactic War setup.

Which is, Hapes.

The idea is to explain why exactly the Hapan matriarchy

A)Is matriarchal because of the Lorrel raiders apparently Gor-like socieity (which make total sense on it's own)

B)Hates the Jedi for killing their sons and ''husbands'') (which does make sense for the sons, not so much for the husbands)

While the idea is to stress out the ''sons'' bit, I'm open to suggestions on the matter, as (A) and (B) make perfect sense separately, but not together.