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Guess what the communites on these games are discussing?

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Guess what the communites on these games are discussing?

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12.16.2011 , 04:37 PM | #1
Just logged into EvE, Aion, WoW, Lineage 2, LOTRO, Atlantica and Golfstar. They are all taking in chat on these games about....


And the main (if not only) topic is.........

How no-one can log in without a 3 hour wait.

Gamespot, IGN, PCZOne, MMOhut....yup the same news.

There are already dozens of vieos on Youtube just showing the server queues.

Tweetbuddy has SWOTOR as the biggest gaming MEME since March 2010..not the game itself you understand..the servcer queues.

Already over a dozen Facebook "sarcastic fan pages" with screen grabs of the queues

SWOTOR is being labelled as a MASSIVE fail all over the internet as we speak.

I bought the CE today, 130. I love this game.

EA/Bios massive service fail is going to hobble its hopes from day one.
Great work Bioware...stunning achievment.
Paid up till April 20th. Please give us more to do than just combat between now and then. Interactive professions... decent trade mechanics... secondary professions... decent guild set-ups... anything?!