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Mercy Kill looks awesome

Angedechu's Avatar

03.22.2012 , 10:08 AM | #1
Except at the end of APOCALYPSE.

(That include, for the ladies, a Wraith Squadron pilot posing a chippendale gamorrean dancer...Yes)

This is an except for ''Mercy Kill''

So, see, among the Empire, it have become the rage to buy art, to look like the next Thrawn (Garrik Face Loran is very sarcastical about it)

Wraith Squadron thus arrange a meeeting with Terradoc, to sell him a Hapan gem statue.

Of course Teradoc double cross, and elope with the statue, that his own resident archeologist/museologist (kidnapped for the whole ''make me look like Thrawn'' bit) identified as invaluable.

The statue is in fact a sort of proton bomb, that Terradoc carry to his vault.