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Players from City of Heroes?

PrinceBurai's Avatar

04.07.2012 , 04:35 PM | #11
Still visit the city of heroes on several servers, freedom, protector and when I pay the VIP server. My main was a scrapper named Wolf-Spider (My only 50 as I have a serious case of altitis :P)
On here I play mostly on Ebon Hawk and have a Sith Marauder on Eidolon Securtiy until they allow server transfers. Glad to see others from my first MMO on here

Datamonger's Avatar

04.08.2012 , 02:41 PM | #12
Played on Virtue, on and off since 2006. I was an altoholic, filled up all 36 of my slots with characters from every AT. Most I never leveled past 30, but I had 3 50's.

I loved the game a lot. But a lot of my friends have moved on, and every time I resub and start playing the fun factor lasts about 2 or 3 days and I get bored again. Just burnt out with it. Definitely a lot of fun times though.

Some things I loved about CoX that SWTOR doesn't have:

-Travel powers
-LFT channels (yes, as we all know in CoX, we join TEAMS, not groups!)
-Easily modifiable UI
-A much more competent crafting system
-Task Forces (no, FP's and Heroics have no comparison to CoX TF's)
-And lastly, but probably MOST important.... the customizability of your characters was limitless!

DrRose's Avatar

06.05.2012 , 12:56 PM | #13
I played years ago now my more famous player at the time was the Angery Lumberjack ......

Malkores's Avatar

07.16.2012 , 04:12 AM | #14
I played mainly on triumph. I had 35 50's and they were all IO'd. *flex

HumanPirhana's Avatar

09.03.2012 , 12:12 AM | #15
Just found this thread after running a search for COH related threads. Can't believe the news announced Friday that NCSoft is pulling the plug on COH. All development immediately halted. Entire dev team laid off. Servers shutting down nov 30. A sad, sad day for a GREAT MMO.

Btw this is Kaiser Soze from Justice. I played COH from launch up until SWTOR beta, been here ever since. I'm over on Jedi Covenant. My toons are Facelessman, Sozeurface and Kizër. Good to find a few friendly faces from a much beloved game with a great community and development team.
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theburnmaster's Avatar

09.29.2012 , 06:04 PM | #16
Well hello Kaiser! I came from CoH, I played as Burnmaster on the Guardian server. Nice to see some people on here that migrated from there, I am on the Covenant Server as Taghast a Jedi Sentinel and as Taltifia, a smuggler. I'll keep my eyes out for you on there!

_Darkstar's Avatar

01.02.2013 , 08:30 AM | #17
Nice to see some people from CoX on here, even though it is an old thread.

I played on Union (Handprints, largest SG in Europe), and am sad to say that I saw the end of CoX coming a long time ago when they wasted their cash on AE (Didn't bring in new players and cost a lot to police), Praetoria (Didn't bring in new players and spent years being a ghost town) and Incarnate trials (A change in direction that was not needed) instead of keeping the game as we all enjoyed it and saving the money.

I am also a bit sad that no games seem to have seen all the good stuff from CoX and stolen it (Sidekicking, IO's, giving up on PvP etc).
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Drummz's Avatar

01.06.2013 , 06:33 AM | #18
Hey Guys,

I played CoH for about 4 years. Loved it, and miss it a lot. I finished with 37 lvl 50s. My main was on the Champion server. Name of Drummzz7.

Have a great day

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02.03.2013 , 02:15 PM | #19
A sort of refugee camp:
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tlatoanixxxAK's Avatar

02.05.2013 , 05:32 PM | #20
Aaaaah CoX! Nice to bump into other players from CoX.
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