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Voice acting and future expansion

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Voice acting and future expansion

Dawgtide's Avatar

03.15.2012 , 08:39 AM | #1
Not sure which message board to post this on, so the mods can move it if needed.

Anyway, how do they carry the voices forward?

What I mean is we will want to continue our characters forward in the future. So two years from now we have one of the expansions, do they get Grey DeLisle back in to voice the new 10 levels? Or do computers do that stuff now with a recording?

I guess the same would be for all the companions. That is 56 actors and actresses by my count. (I know Droids, Tydoshans and others aren't people, but you get my drift). Heaven forbid we are here 13 or 14 years from now at level 100 or so like Everquest.

Anyway, thanks in advance for any insight.

KnightDLR's Avatar

03.15.2012 , 08:47 AM | #2
I recall either reading or hearing somewhere that they have a ton of voiceover work already done for future needs (this was done by the VO team during the final stages of development...basically the story was written long before the world it was going into was fully formed) and the main voice actors (essentially the 16 class actors) are contractually obligated to return and record any new voice overs that might be needed for a few years down the road.

As an idea on story, I remember reading an article back when the The Matrix Online was running that basically stated that after the game was released, there was still a bunch of continuing story that was already written...All that was needed was the art assets to bring it into the game as game updates and expansions.
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03.15.2012 , 09:14 AM | #3
They are way ahead of the game. Content that is coming with patch 1.2 was done last year. Right now, they are approving content that is not going in the game until next year. Which means voice actors have most likely completed all the voice acting for this year.

The major voices, those for the classes and companions are tied into long term contracts.
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