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What is the SWTOR fiasco??

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03.15.2012 , 05:56 AM | #61
ME3 has nothing to do with TOR, they were developed by different departments. And the rage about ME3 is its ending, the laxk of choice in it to be specific. But none says ME3 was a bad game, the fans are so furios, cause Casey Hudson (executive producer of ME) says, 'yeah, we wanted to polarise the fans'. But ME3 is much better than 2 previous ones in almost all aspects, but the ending.

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03.15.2012 , 08:21 AM | #62
Before you try and troll me say im a hater, lets get one thing straight from the start, I love this game, the story mode is awesome, lots of new gaming ideas and the community is, in the most, very friendly, but we as gamers and BW as devs need to pull our heads out of the sand...

1 guilds are dying out there, why , well because players ARE leaving en-mass, mostly due to a lack of patience, but some because the game falls short on many aspects, like buggy bosses (we want to fight mobs, not poor coding), UI issues, lack of combat meters ( yes is said the swear words, but everyone wants to make sure they are pulling thier wieght), plus other issues that have been well written about by the community.
I for one don't want this game to fail. I actually care enough about it to post on the forums, which isn't something I usually do. There's too much to love about this game, and the sad thing is that history has shown with MMO's you don't get too many chances before the game fails.

They don't work that way, the cost of keeping them running etc is too high to make the sorts of gambles they did take with SWTOR and I'm not sure how they could have gotten the impression they were "playing it safely". If people are flooding to the forums en-masse to even point out why they are leaving, express their opinions and if they won't unsub, or even if they are playing making suggestions about what needs to be done, that's a good sign. For a pretty short while. Ex-players ARE hard to win back (even the ones that said they would), and difficult to convince that returning is a good thing and are pretty critical. Thinking of them like ex-partners sounds dramatic and cliche'd, but it's actually the most accurate analogy I can think of. The only unsubbers you can be close to certain of that they'll return are people who didn't really want to quit but had to for real life temporarily. And their return back NEEDS to be as smooth as possible. And players and community play a major part, but so does the game, and its ability to make the game accessible for players who are out of the loop, be they returning players or ex-players.

It's a sad reality, but they really do need to scramble and work overtime to start implementing/rolling these out. And they need to be talking to us a LOT more. And answering the questions their information raises. This way of thinking, that players have had a taste and they'll be back because they said they would be, is dangerous. They can't rest on their laurels, they need to scramble.

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03.15.2012 , 08:57 AM | #63
What else do you expect from the UMADBRAH generation, a generation that progressed thru Super Mario, Street Fighter, Final Fantasy, WoW, MW in just under 30 years? High expectation is high. Rage on.

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03.15.2012 , 09:01 AM | #64
Quote: Originally Posted by Mathai View Post
ME3 has nothing to do with TOR, they were developed by different departments. And the rage about ME3 is its ending, the laxk of choice in it to be specific. But none says ME3 was a bad game, the fans are so furios, cause Casey Hudson (executive producer of ME) says, 'yeah, we wanted to polarise the fans'. But ME3 is much better than 2 previous ones in almost all aspects, but the ending.
Actually, both SWTOR and ME3 have one specific thing in common: they both made extravagant promises on their products which they did not deliver, encased in a huge media swarm of hype and sensationalism. It took me 2 hours to delete all the posts made by Mass Effect 3 on my Facebook page the day of release. I'd been spending an average of a half hour, deleting all their posts leading up to release day the week before it. They wasted a huge amount of my time with hype to sell a game they lied about, outright. It's not about if it was a happy ending, or if anyone got what they wanted, it's simply about delivering what you said you would do, which they did not, which SWTOR did not. Anyone here could name about 10 features SWTOR did not release with, which were promised or at least considered standard in any other MMORPG.

This makes me wonder, do they share a single marketing department between them that is telling these Executive Producers/Directors what to say and do to build the hype for sales and stuff?

As for other fiasco's ..... hundreds of people received their physical copy of the game with blank or missing CD keys. Hundreds of people received security key fobs that were defective, and had to return them on warranty, on their own cost for shipping. Hundreds of people received CE boxes that had been delayed, and/or missing or damaged because they'd had to be re-opened to verify they had CD keys once it was realized it was an issue. This isn't a subjective thing, this was a real production fiasco, for certain. I STILL haven't been able to get to the post office to return my defective security key, or to pay packaging and postage for it.

In the end, am I jumping on the BW is evil bandwagon? No. I knew there would be issues with SWTOR, I expected them and saw through the hype so I didn't have bubbles get popped. Before I even saw the game, I set a clear set time I would be willing to financially support it before it could be what it was promised to be, before I would give up on them.

I did not buy ME3. I refused to, based on the fact that I no longer have faith in BW as a company to deliver what they promise. I was exactly right about this too: Casey Hudson clearly stated that there would be no loose ends left in the story, but they were so huge you could drive a Normandy through them. I KNEW it was going to be bad... so I wasn't disappointed and upset over it really. I did stop following them in Twitter and Facebook because I don't like all the hype. It's funny, if you think about it, only the people who actually bought into that stuff and read interviews and Tweets and Facebook stuff in the first place even know they didn't get what was promised.

Someone else bought me ME3 as a gift. I liked the ending and was caught up in the emotionality of it too much to notice all the missing parts that were not cleared up as intended. Later, I did realize them, but I still don't feel any rage over it because it was already a given. If anything SWTOR taught me not to believe anything they say. I still had had a good time anyway so I take the good and leave it alone, it's over. All it does is confirm for me the fact that I made the choice not to buy the game, and my future choices will be even more heavily weighted against it.

As for SWTOR, yeah, they lied too, yeah they over hyped too. Yeah they're still refusing even to admit some problems exist which need to be addressed. But I gave them a time limit, I'm not cancelling for ME3, I'll cancel when they've ignored those issues during my very generous time limit. That was my boundary, and I'm sticking to it.
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03.15.2012 , 09:24 AM | #65
Fiasco = server population falling off and not enough endgame quality to keep people playing.
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03.15.2012 , 12:10 PM | #66
Mass Effect 3 wasn't even an RPG u come to expect, it was dress up halo. weakest installment in the franchise, not to mention they hit you with a 9.99 download for an extra 10 minutes of content and a companion that could've and should've been in the game...very week EA/BioWare, that's 2 strikes in my book..SWToR feels like a beta with the weekest and poorest excuse for customer service ever.

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03.15.2012 , 01:00 PM | #67
Here's my 2 cents. It's giant corporations snatching up smaller companies and trying to streamline their budgets instead of focusing on creativity. Same stuff happened to my company, got bought out, then they hired 4 managers to do one guys job and then fired the old one and like half the people under him. It's corporate incompetence and the focus on the bottom line for stockholders, after stockholders are in the picture, the customer is only the second group of people whose opinion matters.

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03.15.2012 , 11:03 PM | #68
If there are enough people unhappy with Mass Effect 3 that it is actually making a dent in Bioware/EA's profit margin anywhere, odds are there was something really wrong with the ending to a great deal of people. That simple.

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03.16.2012 , 12:09 AM | #69
I'm not aware of any TOR "fiasco," love the game. But the ME3 situation is really simple. For months prior to the release, interviews given by the devs consistently painted one picture of how they were going to close out the series. The way they actually ended it (the very end, the bulk of the game was excellent) not only contradicted everything they had said in interviews, but the themes and overall tone of the entire trilogy, and it was so soul-crushingly nihilistic that it makes it seem, for those who care about the destination, that the journey had been a complete waste of time.

Of course, that is all assuming the ending it has is the real ending. There is compelling evidence suggesting BioWare has done an epic troll job, and the "real" ending will be released later. If we do take the ending at face value, then BioWare blatantly and consistently misrepresented their product, and a lot of loyal fans relied on that misrepresentation when making their purchases. At the very least, in that case, BioWare would owe the fans a sincere and contrite apology.
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