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SWG Guilds Check In

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03.07.2012 , 09:47 AM | #1
If you know of guilds from SWG that moved over here or are in one that moved over and what server they are on it would be nice a nice reference point for people trying to find old friends. If you are in any of these guilds please let me so that I can confirm that they in fact did move over from SWG.

If you know that any of these guilds transfered to another server please post here or pm me so that I can update the list, thanks.

Guilds that are blank I found on the forums and if they can be confirmed it would be great.
*Only 1 name = same name in both SWG and TOR*
**Please correct me if I have made a mistake**
*** Guild Name -Server Name***
Darkstance (DS) –The Progenitor Move Confirmed
RSS- Prophecy of the Five Move Confirmed -Transfer Confrimed
Alliance-Templars -Red Eclipse
LRDP (Long Range Desert Patrol) Now LRDP-Imp ----Red Eclipse
MaFiA -Darth Bandon Move Confirmed
Legion of Truth -Jekk'Jekk Tarr
The Jensaarai Alliances -Corellian Run Move Confirmed
Forsaken -Lord Praven Move Confirmed
Crimson Elite (Elite) -Jung Ma Move Confirmed
Sinister Syndicate -Black Vulkars Move Confirmed
Ex Inferis (Blood) -Lord Calypho Move Confirmed
RSE -Kaas City
Mos Eisley Syndicate <Mes> -Jung Ma
Galactic Council <GC> -Shadowlands
SLTH ORDER -Ebon Hawk Move Confirmed
Bloodmonks (BLOOD) -Hydian Way Move Confirmed
Underground Revolution (REV) -Dreshdae Cantina
SLN -Dreshdae Cantina Move Confirmed
BOT -Sword of Ajunta Pall
DEFF -Prophecy of Five
Dominus Nihils (DN) -Canderous Ordo Move Confirmed
DOGMA -Canderous Ordo Move Confirmed
Old Nocturnal Obsinant ExtrovertS (ONOES) -Mandalore the Indomidable Move Confirmed
PATS -Keller's Void Move Confirmed
DLN (Dark Lord of Naritus) -Jedi Cov
DOL (De Oppresso Libre) -The Harbinger
Team Spirit (TS) -Frostclaw Move Confirmed
Kindred Spirits (KS) -Frostclaw Move Confirmed
WYLD -Frostclaw Move Confirmed
SICK -Swiftsure Move Confirmed
Praetorian Legion -Swiftsure Move Confirmed
The Nameless -Swiftsure
PL -Swiftsure Move Confirmed
ATL -Swiftsure Move Confirmed
Shdws -Swiftsure Move Confirmed
HERO -Swiftsure Comfirm Please
HERO -Mask of Nihilus Confirm Please
HERO -Canderous Ordo Move Confirmed
Smugglers Alliance -Nightmare Lands Move Confirmed
Sunfall Rebels –Nightmare Lands Move Confirmed
KYRAM -Nightmare Lands Move Confirmed
Omega Squad (OS) –Nightmare Lands Move Confirmed
---Omega Squad (OS) -Tomb of Freedom Nadd Split Confirmed
TJO -Tomb of Freedon Nadd Move Confirmed
Echoes -Nightmare Lands Move Confirmed
JEA –Nightmare Lands Move Confirmed
Dark Judges –Red Eclipse
MDKG –Red Eclipse
LAW -Port Nowhere
DC -Port Nowhere
BLEED -Port Nowhere
Fists of Light –Ludo Kressh Move Confirmed
Doombringers (DOOM) -Vornskr Move Confirmed
RED Team -The Harbringer Move Confirmed -Transfer Confrimed
Dark Legion Phoenix –Luka Sene
Mystic Omelette Faction -Ahto City
Hadishi –Helm of Graush
Damage Networks –Helm of Graush
ATO –Helm of Graush
Resistance Way -Helm of Graush
GMERC -Helm of Graush Move Confirmed
DNet –Helm of Graush
TRW –Helm of Graush
Dork Legion -Helm of Graush Move Confrimed
NRO -Helm of Graush Move Confirmed
TKDS -Helm of Graush Move Confirmed
Dark Legion -Helm of Graush Move Confirmed
HVND -Helm of Graush Move Confirmed
HAUNT –Belgoth’s Beacon
FBI -Belgoth's Beacon
EMPYR -Belgoths Beacon Move Confirmed
KTD –Warriors of the Shadow
McO-E –Warriors of the Shadow
MOB –Warriors of the Shadow Confirm Please
CTP –Warriors of the Shadow
BLC –Vulkar Highway
ROA –Vulkar Highway
Dogs –Vulkar Highway
XCS -Vulkar Highway
-VF- -Vulkar Highway
LNR -Vulkar Highway
Silent Strike -Vulkar Highway
FoE –Veela
Vauntgard -Veela
FTW -Veela
GRD –Terentatek
WoW -Terentatek
Was Akira-X, Now Akira (rep), Akira-X (imp) ---Shadowlands
Was Defenders of Peace (DoP) Now The Defender Program ---The Ebon Hawk
Was OE, Now Alliance Strike Team -Port Nowhere Move Confirmed
Was Republic Elite, Now Imperial Elite -Gautlent of Kressh Move Confirmed
Was SEA, Now Corellian Sea (Republic) -The Progenitor Move Confirmed
Was SEA, Now Stygian Crusaders (Imperial) -The Progenitor Move Confirmed
Was MoB, Now Mean Old Bastards –Bondar Crystal Confirm Please
Was Unity, Now Unity Guild (Republic) -Red Eclipse Move Confirmed
Was Unity, Now Dark Unity Guild (Imperial) -Red Eclipse Move Confirmed
Was STAR Entertainment / FURY, Now Galactic Star Force (Republic) -Red Eclipse Move Confirmed
Was STAR Entertainment /FURY, Now Tenebris Sidus (Imperial) -Red Eclipse Move Confirmed
Was Valor, Now Imperator Mos –Tomb of Freedon Nadd Move Confirmed -Transfer Confirmed
Was WIDOW, Now Widowmakers -Krayt Dragon Move Confirmed
Was ebd, haxx, bbq, Now Rage of the Republic -Warriors of the shadow Move Confirmed
Was a mix of guilds from Lowca, Now LOWCA -Vulkar Highway Move Confirmed
Was Honor, Now Obscurum Cado –Tarro Blood Move Confirmed
Was Orion+SEALs, Now ? -Juyo ----Orion and SEALs combined
Was AXIS+Corstar, Now? -The Swiftsure ----AXIS and Corstar combined Move Confirmed
Was ROM (Remnants Of Mandalore) Now Chilastras Exiles -The Shadowlands
Imperial General Ekotte, Captin of the Mandalorian Fist; E-Chimaera

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03.07.2012 , 09:58 AM | #2
well on Vulkar Highway there are a few guilds from Lowca, and a guild called Lowca that merged a few of them together.

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03.07.2012 , 10:10 AM | #3
We ported over mainly due to having no choice (thanks a lot SOE)

Guild - Darkstance (DS)
Swg server - Europe Chimaera
TOR server - Trask Ulgo

Weve been active since 2005, formally an Imperial roleplay guild, we also ran chimaera's primarily respected space PVP unit (DSIN).

Were cover everything in TOR, though would be nice to know whos in the neighbourhood from SWG on our server.

Beep Markonus in game for a chat or to join, we very much welcome ex-SWG vets, we have several already from outside our guild signed with us, and some who recognise us from chimaera, which is nice.

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03.07.2012 , 10:27 AM | #4
SWG- Imperial Elite
TOR- Republic Elite
TOR Server- Gaulent of Kresh

Not sure what server they were on in SWG, I just know that they are here now.
Imperial General Ekotte, Captin of the Mandalorian Fist; E-Chimaera

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03.07.2012 , 11:41 AM | #5
SEA, Chimaera

Corellian Sea (Republic) The Progenitor
Stygian Crusaders (Imperial) The Progenitor
Corellian Sea The Progenitor EU RP
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03.07.2012 , 01:17 PM | #6
Ran throught forums and found some guilds, ex e-chimera. (copy and pasted from other threads, credit to those due)

-Smugglers Alliance and Sunfall Rebels are on the Nightmare Lands server

-My old SWG guild, Dark Legion, have moved from Corellia to Luka Sene and been reborn as Dark Legion Phoenix. With the queues there though, a couple of us have become refugees on Kellian Jarro

-OS ( Omega Squad ) are on Nightmare Lands

-JEA and a few other of the older Chimaera guilds selected Nightmare lands

-Judges, MDKG, and a couple other big chimera guilds were on Red Eclipse.
Imperial General Ekotte, Captin of the Mandalorian Fist; E-Chimaera

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03.07.2012 , 03:14 PM | #7
SWG: "Fists of Light" on server E-chimaera
TOR: "Fists of Light" on server Ludo Kressh

Many members left SWG just before it closed down so feel free to be re invited
Do or do not! there is no try!

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03.07.2012 , 03:24 PM | #8
guild: Doombringers (DOOM)

Server : Started on Intrepid formed from old EMPR and other players
Was forced to move with the server change and lost alot, then after the whole hacking thing, most quit SWG

Doombringers is now small, but going strong on Vornskr
Edit 3/31
We are on mask of nilus and Swift sure, as the server pop fluctuates
Contact Slavious or Rotton to join
Rottonrobin Bounty Hunter
Doombringers Online Gaming Community

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03.07.2012 , 05:47 PM | #9
List added in OP, I will update at the end of each day although I will be going on vacation in a few days so I might forget sorry in advance.
Imperial General Ekotte, Captin of the Mandalorian Fist; E-Chimaera

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03.08.2012 , 10:44 AM | #10
SWG Flurry- MoB is now on Bondar Crystal on the Imp side now we didnt do the short MoB tag we used the full name this time around Mean Old Bastards