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Vote kick in WZ's, the next big step. Give it to us BW

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Vote kick in WZ's, the next big step. Give it to us BW

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02.02.2013 , 03:11 PM | #11
Sorry for bringing back a dead thread, but I feel as if this issue needs to be addressed. Here's the last post with my refutes.

Quote: Originally Posted by Haldern View Post
So there could never be a situation where 5/8 of the players could be complete bastards? Especially considering you can have 4/8 premade in a Warzone. You can pretty much rely on premade people voting as one.
6/8 majority vote would be a fair option, since you do not require a full ops vote to kick and premades can't technically remove someone if two people don't agree with four. Besides, team make up is not a valid argument. If a majority of the team doesn't want a single player to be in there for any reason,t hey should have an ability to remove them. They already have a system where a single player can literally ruin a game all by themselves and suffer no reprecussions, as I literally just got done experiencing this with a teammate that would intentionally let the second defender die and allow the enemy team to cap the door in a Voidstar match. Simply because he was mad about getting beat in a previous WZ and wanted to make sure our team lost.

So if one player has the power to oppress a team, is that fair to the majority? Apparently not, since a majority can't have their way because they might "abuse" their right to remove a player according to your argument.

And even then, who cares if the ENTIRE team are bastards? It is more fair to have a group full of bastards having the power to remove a single good/nice player in a WZ then a single bastard having the ability to ruin a WZ by their own actions for a good/nice team of players. Majority rules may not cover every aspect and make things perfect, but it's certainly better than the crappy vote to kick sysem they have now.

Quote: Originally Posted by Haldern View Post
Not to mention, what happens when people start using it to make full premades? For example, you have a party of four join and notice that another guildie is in the same Warzone. They think: hey! lets kick everyone in the Warzone until we have three more of our guild mates in the ops group. People will do this, people have done this in other games and I have had to put up with it.
Completely invalid with a 6/8 vote count, and can easily be remedied by allowing the vote to kick option only being an active power in a full 8 man ops group. It won't matter as much as a functionality if the team only has 6 players, since they will already be at a disadvantage. But when there is a team ready to compete, and one troll/unresponsive player intends to ruin it, then a team should have the right to remove them.