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Lvl as Heals?

Ramsuz's Avatar

03.06.2012 , 03:10 PM | #1
Anyone level with a healing spec? Is it viable or should I just go respec and rebind all my keys to grav round so I can faceroll. I plan on doing about 50-50 PvP & questing.

I have a 50 Jugg I lvled as tank spec w/a DPS companion and a lvl 50 Vanguard I lvled as DPS w/a Healing companion and they seemed about equal in kill times & down time.

I'm ~lvl 18 on my Commando now and it seems alot slower. Aric and I both have fairly decent gear but it seems kinda slow going.

FallenValkyrja's Avatar

03.06.2012 , 03:34 PM | #2
I am leveling using the healing tree. I am slow going because I tend to pick up every mission and have a few days off between play times. I have done both missions and PvP to level and enjoyed myself. I basically grabbed a bunch of orange armour and weapons for myself and Aric and do my best to keep them up to date. I then send in Aric and provide heals and damage as needed.

In PvP there are times I deliver a lot of heals and damage which has confused a few teammates on what spec I am running with right now.


Raani's Avatar

03.07.2012 , 01:17 PM | #3
Healing specs don't start shining until you're close to 30-ish and have picked up enough talents for your mechanics to start meshing together well. Sage was probably the smoothest from the beginning for me, but both Commando and Sawbones get very strong past 30, at least insofar as questing goes.

In my opinion, healing specs are the strongest soloing specs in the game if you keep a tanking pet and a DPS pet well-geared.

While you might be a bit slower when it comes to mowing through regular quests, you can absolutely solo heroic 2s and many heroic 4s at level and you shouldn't have much downtime. The fact that you don't have to whine in General for a group saves more time than one would imagine

If I were to do it over, I'd probably go Gunnery till about 30, when we become very Ammo efficient and the spec is more fleshed out.

Oakens's Avatar

03.07.2012 , 05:48 PM | #4
Thanks Raani, you just gave me a reason to keep the healing spec at lvl 30-ish. I agree gunnery to lvl 30 then respec.
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03.08.2012 , 09:14 AM | #5
I leveled as heal spec and had a blast. At low levels, I made sure Aric had good gear and healed him as much as I dps'd the mobs. Once I got Dorne, I started using her (again, keeping gear updated) and started using more of my own dps abilities. I know it may sound strange, but the combat medic tree does not gimp damage as bad as you might expect.

(note: my playstyle is one of 'control', not 'speed'; a slower fight that I dictate is ok with me. YMMV)

PVP as a combat medic is fun (imo), though you will be a target. That's just life as a healer, we get to know the spawn area real well .
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Akash's Avatar

03.10.2012 , 06:31 PM | #6
After a 50 Sin and a 50 Sniper, I've been leveling a trooper.

Currently at 31, I've used the healing tree the entire time, and used the dps companion.

I've also kept the dps companion geared pretty good, or as well as I could without breaking the bank.

The survivability is very good, of course, and having a squishy pet helps me get in some healing practice.

It can be a bit slow when you get mobs that really burn your pet, like elites, as you spend a lot of your time just keeping the pet alive. Pull out the tank and give it a go if it doesn't go well the first time with the dps pet.
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03.11.2012 , 03:30 AM | #7
I levelled as a pure healer -- never even tried the other two trees.

I grabbed Elara Dorne and used her to cover most of the healing while I went forward blasting things... it actually worked extremely well (especially after I got Trauma Probe) and I never really stopped unless it was to recharge ammo.
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Dayfax's Avatar

03.11.2012 , 05:52 AM | #8
Doing this right now. It's stupidly easy. I keep Jorgan out & everything dies quickly.

The leveling feels faster & easier than my Vanguard, although I can't say for certain that's the AC or me just being more experienced with he class & the quests.
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