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Smugglers must be nerfed

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Smugglers must be nerfed

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03.07.2012 , 05:53 PM | #121
Is this still a concern? Gunslingers have a good assortment of CC's, but it's not game-changing.

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03.08.2012 , 01:27 PM | #122
Quote: Originally Posted by Vandewater View Post
I have a feeling most of the people who demands nerfs either haven't actually played pvp but watched pre-10-49 Bracket Vids on youtube of people melting face or they suck at the game. It can really only be one of those two especially in regards to Operatives/Scoundrels.
I think one reason people really dislike ops/scoundrels is that unlike other classes, the stealther needs to be relentless on targeting the person they attacked (assuming they survive the opener). Unlike other classes, the stealther doesn't have an option of finding another target if they manage to get away. If they don't hunt them down, they're basically useless because they can't recloak while engaged in combat, and nobody just let's an uncloaked ops/scoundrel just walk up to them. Sometimes when I'm after the ball carrier and they pass, I'm basically required to finish off the person who passed simply because I have no choice since I can't close on the new target (can't sprint or cloak) while the victim's friends quickly abandon him because they have a new ball carrier to protect. It doesn't make you very popular. Like you said, it's mainly people who haven't played these classes that become enraged that a stealther decides that they're an easy target and latches on like a pitt bull.

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03.08.2012 , 02:00 PM | #123
Quote: Originally Posted by chakkar View Post
If I didnt have a problem, if I didnt think there was an issue I would not have made this thread. Move along troll.

So I guess its fair to give them more stuns that some other classes, is that the consensus?
you are kind of ignorant....scoundrels/operatives have 2 stuns base 3 if specced deep into the stealth tree... consulars have knockback, stun, lift, and a nice little root to be attached to the knockback. jedi knights have force choke, push, and a stun on force jump. bounty hunters have a stun, carbonite which is a stun, knockback, pull (if specced) and another knockback if specced. so saying that operatives or scoundrels have more stuns than any other class is nothing short of you not doing your homework and considering that they are the weakest class in the game right now if you are having problems with them its your fault not theirs so you obviously need to change your tactics on how you deal with them

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03.08.2012 , 02:07 PM | #124
Quote: Originally Posted by Grubfist View Post
You have a shielding cooldown that prevents 25% of damage taken, and as a healer, prevents you from being interrupted for its entire duration.

This cooldown is baseline for all bounty hunters, regardless of advanced class.

He's not talking about the shield offhand.
um...all bounty hunters get that nice little blue bubble that for MERCENARIES prevents any heals from being INTURRUPTED which honestly is what i call using shields. plus mercenaries in the arsenal tree get a nice little SHIELD when they use tracer missile.

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03.08.2012 , 09:04 PM | #125
Quote: Originally Posted by chakkar View Post
what is so special about a healer class? My DPS is not as good as other classes for one. Secondly, Once people know I'm a healer they keep coming after me. after the first few min of a wz its like im target number 1.

then the icing on the cake is after I keep people alive time and time again, over 200k average heals per WZ, I rarely get any votes for MVP.

We get no respect. I dont even know why I bother.
The problem, my friend, isn't the people attacking you. It's the people you are playing with. Decent players will identify that you are a healer and they will target you specifically because if they do not kill you, you will tip the scales every single time and they will die instead.

Decent allies will do the same thing and come to your rescue. If we played together, you wouldn't complain about them because they would not be around long enough. However when im healing, he wouldn't even scratch you so it wouldn't matter. I'd toss on some hots and spend my TA heal on you every few seconds and he would be a minor annoyance.

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03.09.2012 , 10:42 AM | #126
Quote: Originally Posted by chakkar View Post
I play a lot of war zones and the class that I've noticed which is the most troublesome are the smugglers. They seems to have a never ending supply of CC'S and they do tons of damage.

As a BH healer I have two CC's. THe lightning dart which I can use during combat and concussion missile which will stop working if I damage them. How many do they have? DO they need the CD increased?

Also, my in combat CC will shock them for four seconds. It seems that when I get CC'd by a smuggler and am out for twice as long.
You're a healer. You are going to get destroyed by -any- similarly geared pure dpser. Get used to it. You cannot outheal their dps. Speaking as a healer I find this sad but true.

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12.20.2012 , 01:29 PM | #127
When they hit lvl 40 in pvp they are the most op class i have ever seen. Half my life is gone before i get out of stuns. Riddiculous and takes no skill at all. Comes out of stealth and your dead. Flame me all you want but remember I am talking abouut PVP pre 50.

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12.21.2012 , 12:45 AM | #128
Try playing a Scoundrel DPS at 50 then come back and complain about their OPness.
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12.21.2012 , 08:18 AM | #129

No, wait, somone's only applied the paddles to a corpse thread. Carry on.
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12.22.2012 , 06:58 PM | #130
Quote: Originally Posted by ZakMorgan View Post
Try playing a Scoundrel DPS at 50 then come back and complain about their OPness.
For real, we are so pathetic in PvP.