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Why the indecisiveness?!

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Why the indecisiveness?!

Wingfoot's Avatar

12.15.2011 , 09:36 AM | #11
No idea here either, and I think the biggest reason is because I'm just psyching myself out about it! I'm trying to decide between 4 classes and looking at things from my past MMO experience as in what class type I want to play, etc. For example, I've always gravitated towards a stealther class and I love to PvP, however after seeing how the huge open PvP was for a stealther class in Warhammer, I'm starting to shy away from one since it will most likely be the same in SWTOR when it comes to that. Then I thought about how it was back in WoW when I played a hybrid class and how whiny people would get if I was damage spec and not heal spec, so even though Merc and Sorc look freaking awesome I'm worried about that experience again too!

So I just keep going back and forth between multiple classes and changing my mind and changing my mind and changing my mind...