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Republic role needs on Empire-Heavy servers...

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Republic role needs on Empire-Heavy servers...

Greylor's Avatar

01.31.2012 , 01:04 PM | #1
Here's a question for Republic players:

On the Empire side of my Empire-heavy server (Ahto City) there is a severe shortage of healers. Decent amount of tanks, plenty of DPS, but healers can be a problem.

I rolled a trooper on the Republic side to see what its like over there...and also to see some pvp other than huttball, and it is working out well. However, I rolled a Commando rather than a Vanguard (wanted to be different).

Since then, I've been reading that on most Republic servers there are tons of commandos but actually very few Vanguards. I keep reading that Vanguards are one of the least played classes in the game.

Which brings me to my questions:
1) Is it true that there are far more Commandos than Vanguards?
2) Does the Republic side suffer from the same chronic shortage of healers? I know that all MMOs lack healers, but is it as pronounced on the Republic side as it is on the Empire side, seeing as there are apparently all these commandos running around?
3) Does that mean that there is a shortage of good Vanguard tanks?

hadoken's Avatar

01.31.2012 , 01:10 PM | #2
Stuff like that really varies not only server to server but time of day on the server.

But in general it seems more people roll commandos than vanguards, yes. You can "blame" marketing for that, as all the troopers in the ads have the heavy assault cannon.