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Crews with members that interact (minor spoilers)

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Crews with members that interact (minor spoilers)

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01.23.2012 , 04:01 PM | #1
After playing a bit with a Trooper and Consular, I started playing a Smuggler. The crew members on the Smuggler's ship seem to guest star in each other's cutscenes and/or make references to those out of sight a lot more in comparison. Here are a few examples:

Corso tries to convince you to pull some pranks on Risha with him.
Risha thinks Bowdaar would be a good teammate for a particular mission.
You're talking to Risha while Corso is being chased down the hall by Bowdaar.

Corso: What do you think pushes people that far, Captain? To start seeing other people as... meat?

Me: First time we run out of spiced loaf I'm eating Guss.

Corso: That's horrible, Captain! You'll share right?
I think it's great to have stuff like this. It really makes the group feel like an actual crew, not just random "pets" that only interact with you. Are there other crews that have a healthy dose of intra-crew interaction? Do the Trooper and Consular crews get more interactive higher up?