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Noob question, how do you guys control your character?

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Noob question, how do you guys control your character?

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12.14.2011 , 03:33 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by jackliuu View Post
When I was in beta I saw people were able to move and use the power at same time, how do you guys do that?
wit ma fingerz lol

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12.14.2011 , 03:33 PM | #12
Patience young padawan... this week we shall teach you to walk and chew gum at the same time... If you pass that trial, we shall move to walking and killing stuff at the same time.

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12.14.2011 , 03:33 PM | #13
I stop moving for a fraction of a second to hit a hotkey or I keep moving in one direction while I click the ability with my mouse pointer.

This is still a viable way to have fun playing.
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12.14.2011 , 03:34 PM | #14
Switch strafe to Mouse 4 and Mouse 5

Switch backpeddle to middle mouse (I think it's usually this by default anyway)

Now use QWERTASDFG for your abilities.

This set up kills default MMO bindings. WASD is for shooters.

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12.14.2011 , 03:34 PM | #15
Holding both mouse buttons to run around and turn, left hand on n52.

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12.14.2011 , 03:35 PM | #16
Well I can reach 1-6 easily while using WSAD, so i just put all of my insta-cast abilities in 1-6 (and shift + 1-6 for second hot bar if needed) and just put the long cast abilities in 7-= since you generally have to stand still for those anyway.

Also you could play a class that stays in cover (Smuggler or Agent). Then you dont have to worry about running around and using abilities.

KommissarK's Avatar

12.14.2011 , 03:35 PM | #17
You can also just use your index finger to hit the numbers while maintaining forward and left strafing ability. I can comfortably hit 8 with my hand without having to move my hand too far.

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12.14.2011 , 03:35 PM | #18
Key binds and Razer Naga.
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12.14.2011 , 03:35 PM | #19
yup, mousemove ftw
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12.14.2011 , 03:35 PM | #20
since this is a target and forget really don't need the mouse to move the camera as you move. as long as you keep your target in front of you, you can then use your mouse to use your on-screen toolbars to activate your abilities.

tab target
wsad to strafe around, mouse pointer to click on abilities to activate.
rinse, repeat