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Question regarding pvp zones

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Question regarding pvp zones

magentisCZ's Avatar

12.14.2011 , 01:22 PM | #1
Hey guys, I was watching some vids of pvp and I see that some have lvl 50s with lvl 20s, and damage done between them is similar, do they get some buff in zone that makes them more equal or ?
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GamewizX's Avatar

12.14.2011 , 01:25 PM | #2
Yes, all warzones will buff all players up to have comparable stats to that of a level 50.

However, if you are level 20 going up against a level 50, he will have all his skills while you will only have the skills you acquired up to level 20. Plus, level 50 PvP gear can also make him a little more superior. Essentially the "buffing" system will bring all players to within 80% efficiency.

If you are concerned about level 20s getting steamrolled by a bunch of level 50s, the thing to keep in mind is this system always tries to pair itself with as close of player levels that it can get. To try and fill the gap and get you into the game sooner, it will expand it's level parameters as needed.

So at launch when the servers are fully populated, you will be having many more warzones filled with levels more at your range.
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12.14.2011 , 01:49 PM | #3
the mechanism is called bolstering.
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