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12.14.2011 , 10:09 AM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by J_Five View Post
The longer period of time is related to the date spans of pre orders, not the time between waves. In other words, yesterday pre orders who got early access were from like July 21st to July 28th. Today they are already up to August 24th with only two waves, and they were one hour apart.

Reading, its fundamental to comprehension!
Which does me no good since my pre-order is Sept, and BioWare knows that.. but the date I typed in my code was Nov. .. because I hadn't noticed any information that said it was first come, first served until then. I figured that since my account showed my pre-order that I was good to go.


oh well, probably only a day difference.. but being unemployed and sitting here with nothing else to do while I wait makes it hard to see all those empty servers.. empty because most other people are at work or school. .. You know, they really aught to have sent out a survey to find out who could be playing during the day and added those to the waves so the servers wouldn't be idle most of the day. If the idea is to spread people out level wise, then it makes sense to have people leveling during the day, too..

EDIT: and just as I finish typing, I get my invite email! woohoo! later, guys! good luck!