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Post your imperial agent looks!

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Post your imperial agent looks!

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02.09.2013 , 10:42 PM | #591

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02.10.2013 , 01:15 AM | #592
Quote: Originally Posted by ZakMorgan View Post
The coat is unfortunately only a green quest reward I got from Corellia. I only wear it on the fleet or where I'm not expected to engage in any combat. Though I think Armormechs can create a very similar one which can be RE'd to purple quality.

The pants were just normal Rakata pants I unified to match the coat.
A White Jacket is available by doing HM KP ..... It's a "Xenotech"

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02.10.2013 , 02:24 PM | #593
Quote: Originally Posted by TprSkippy View Post
A White Jacket is available by doing HM KP ..... It's a "Xenotech"
It colour matches everything bright red D: You look like a Power Ranger.

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02.11.2013 , 01:00 PM | #594
My character is running around in full Slave Girl, because at level 16 It was the only full orange set I could afford. I keep it up to date so well that I haven't found anything to replace it with because I can't afford a different orange set. D:

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02.16.2013 , 10:41 AM | #595
Cynicism - The sniper formerly known as Ghost (wound in the force) and Superficial

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02.17.2013 , 05:51 AM | #596
Sith Code
Peace is a lie There is only passion, Through passion I gain strength,
Through strength I gain power, Through power I gain victory,
Through victory my chains are broken, The Force shall set me free

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02.17.2013 , 01:20 PM | #598
Finally settle on a look just hit 50 with him and modded this out with the tionese gear to as well.
The Harbinger
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02.18.2013 , 01:33 AM | #599
Quote: Originally Posted by RajiTaylor View Post

Where did you get that jacket and is it modable? I'm 47 right now and I thought that I had to wait until 50 for a chest piece like that.

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02.18.2013 , 04:43 AM | #600
Elogann Skors : Maraudeur spé carnage
Naarï Skors : Agent secret dps et soigneur
Konrall Skors : franc-tireur spé hybride (2/18/21)
Balkad Skors : Spécialiste tank et dps