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Recommend Crew Skills for Juggernaut?

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Recommend Crew Skills for Juggernaut?

SonicFox's Avatar

01.05.2012 , 12:01 AM | #1
I started my Jug character and have already chosen my crew skills. However, I feel as though I'm not getting much use out of my current choices and looking at some of the schematics for higher levels I'm not sure I will use them.

My craft skill is synthweaving, cuz I wanted to make some cool armor. However, it seems like the best armor I come across is simply dropped. Is synthweaving all that great? I mean the armor I like the best is a level 50 PVP so is there even a point to crafting if that's my goal?

I was thinking of switching to either artiface for some lighstaber stuffs, or cybertech for ship and earpieces, or even biochem. For artifice however, I also intend to try and buy one of those lightsabers with the black and red crystals already in it so maybe not that one as much as the others.

If anyone has any recommendations for what would serve a Juggernaut best let me know.

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01.05.2012 , 12:21 AM | #2
I believe that really depends on what your endgame is, litterally. If you aiming to tank operations I would go biochem and associates for the reusable medpacs. Besides that it is about playstyle I think. Any crewskill kept apar with current lvl can help you lvl. Pvp gear, yes is better, but up to pure chanse to obtain...

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01.05.2012 , 12:44 AM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by SonicFox View Post
If anyone has any recommendations for what would serve a Juggernaut best let me know.
Two options:

Money -- (Archaeology or Slicing), Scavenging, Bioanalysis. I'd suggest Archaeology so you can provide synthweavers with the materials to make your orange gear.

Effective - Bioanalysis, Biochem and Diplomacy.

Knockerz's Avatar

01.05.2012 , 12:49 AM | #4
Just go Biochem. It's amazing with a jug sith warrior. Biochem will save you from dying and help speed up leveling by not having to heal as often due to you making your own medkits or health pots. You can just buy the blue crafted gear on ah, since it's pretty cheap at moment.
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TheRealBowser's Avatar

01.05.2012 , 12:55 AM | #5
I made a guide if you want to get the best bonuses, but frankly sith warriors are one of the absolute worst classes when it comes to crewskill bonuses. Their best bonuses are in credit farming or armstech (yeah I know right?).

Synthweaving gets a +5 crit bonus, which is nice, but the archeology and underworld trading bonuses are both weak.

If you want to artifice, you can get a +5 critical bonus, but the archeology bonus is again weak and there is no artifice bonus at all.

Personally I went with cybertech, but I have 8 characters also and other crew skills to support my juggernaut. Honestly, for the juggernaut, you may want to pick the abilities best suited for you rather than from the crew skills, because the crew skill choices really suck for sith warriors no matter how you look at it.

eskachig's Avatar

01.05.2012 , 01:03 AM | #6
I had a hard time getting any use out of artifice - at least for leveling. It takes a lot of effort to craft anything better than you ca get from commendation vendors. Biochem is pretty awesome though - always have a stim on, and swim in medpacks.

SonicFox's Avatar

01.05.2012 , 12:49 PM | #7
Thanks all for your input, it really helped!