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Re-editing the trilogies

TykarAboso's Avatar

12.29.2011 , 03:47 AM | #1
so lucas has re-edited the original trilogy several times over the years particularly ANH in order to update it and there has been a lot of debate/controversy over some of the things like "Han Shot first!" ect.

now ive heard rumors about them being redone in 3d which i find to be a very bad idea, imo i find 3d to be a cheap and i'll be honest tacky gimmick that doesn't work well and just hurts my eyes, but that is just me (prolly)

what i would LOVE to see is a re-cut of the prequels (though i realize it will never happen)

in all honesty they could easily be brought up to the equivalency of the OT with a few very simple changes

such as

1. DUBBING OVER JAR JAR!!!! he can be just as awkward i dont care just give him an alien language so we dont have to be annoyed with him, everyone understands chewie and r2 lets do the same for jar jar

2. cutting out Jake lloyd's cheesy one liners "i know we're in trouble just hang on" and "try spinning thats a good trick" just let him be the quiet kid in the corner all sad and emo plotting his galactic domination

3. redub battledroids with beeps and boops like R2, they dont need a sense of humor let alone a bad one

4. cut out the scene of 3p0 becoming and battle droid, just dont even show him leaving the ship, R2 has to go cuz he saves padme from being cast into droid parts but 3p0 has no reason to be there

5. "I hATE them, They're animals and i sLAUghtered them like animals. And not just the men but the WOmen and the chILDren toOo..." need i say more>?

in fact most of hayden's bad acting could be cut and just leave scenes of him looking angry

that is really all i can think of, (maybe making yoda less bouncy in his dooku fight) i mean there are prolly thousands of examples but those would make the biggest impact,

again i realize they will likely never do a re-edit but nothing (except copyright laws) are stopping a fan edit

so what might you change>?
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12.29.2011 , 03:59 AM | #2
Meh can we just forget episode one- three existed and make Zahn's 7-9 without Lucas?

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12.29.2011 , 04:07 AM | #3
the only problem i had with episode one is they took a completely different view of the force. in episodes 4 5 and 6 the force was mystical and magical.

in like i think it was 2000 or in 1999 when it came out (I have no clue as to the exact year as that was like 10-11 years ago lol) they turned the force from something magical to just germs in your body that just so happen to give you powers of ******ery calibur
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