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PVE switching back to PVP

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PVE switching back to PVP

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11.19.2018 , 03:47 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Beyrahl View Post
Well if you are looking for a jugg guide video, I have you covered.
This is your incredible guide? 2100 alacrity is basically as pointless as the freezing force utility post 5.5. There are 3 good choices for utilites in the legendary tier: reflect, saber throw root, and guardian leap cd reduction. I strongly recommend 2/3 of those in any case, dropping the improved sweeping slash damage, because the only time any spec should be spamming sweeping slash in pvp is for node cap prevention, in which case damage doesn't matter anyway. Seriously the guys recommending using enure as a speed buff make more sense than you.

Data is crapping out and i dont have time to watch the rest right now, will edit this reply later.

Edit 1: this video is 99% listening to this guy read tooltips. Can people really not do that themselves?