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Companion Gifts confusion

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11.11.2019 , 11:28 AM | #1
Is there a way to turn all of these droid parts, jawa junk and scrap into companion gifts?

Everything I find on companion gifts seems to be outdated. Some say you get grade 6 companion gifts from "Galactic Command" but then I find out there is no galactic command anymore.

Then I find Dulfy guide that says, "Rank 6 Prototype and Artifact level Delicacies and Maintenance Gifts are available from the Jawa Scrap vendor in Cartel Bazaar section of fleet in exchange for the matching type of Jawa Scraps" I go to Cartel Bazaar to find this "Vinek" and he is not there. I look at every Cartel vendor and every guild ship vendor and ask in guild and no one has this, or knows about it.

My companions keep failing crafting missions, and people ask for lvl 50 companion in flashpoints when someone drops so tell me, please, what is the most cost effective way to level my companion since the above 2 are outdated.


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11.11.2019 , 12:37 PM | #2
The Cartel Bazaar is the entire area that you get to via the north (Pub Fleet) or south (Imp Fleet) elevator.

The Jawa vendors are Hadiir (sells green stuff for green tokens)(1), MNEK (sells blue stuff for blue materials)(2) and Izzar (sells purple stuff for purple tokens)(3). They are located to the left (facing into the bazaar from the elevator) of the elevator. To get to the area with the Hutt and the Cartel stuff vendors you had to run past them.

Near them is Fuleesh who sells blue tokens for green tokens and credits, or purple tokens for blue tokens and credits.

Alternatively, unless they've badly broken something(4), there is a Companion Gifts Vendor in the second bay counting clockwise in the Galactic Trade Market sector of the Fleet. "Luna" on the Pub Fleet, "Kaiza" on the Imp Fleet, both with <Companion Gifts Vendor> under their names.

Both of these vendors sell all types of companion gifts except Maintenance and Delicacies in blue (5K credits) or purple (10K credits) Grade 5.

Final solution: If you have 3 Dark Project MK-1 and 4250000 (yes, four and a quarter million) credits per companion, *and* you have made your personal conquest goal at least once on at least one character, see the droid V1C-ORY in the *last* bay (counting clockwise) of the Strongholds & Crew Skills segment of the Fleet. V1C-ORY will sell you the Commander's Compendium for the noted price, and this item raises your current companion directly to Influence Rank 50.

(1) Hadiir sells:
* Rare Ghoral Bird Egg, a green-quality Grade 6 Delicacy gift for two green tokens
* Replacement Parts, a green-quality Grade 6 Maintenance gift for two green tokens

(2) Mnek sells:
* Routine Mantenance, a blue-quality Grade 6 Maintenance gift for two blue tokens
* Muja Fruit, a blue-quality Grade 6 Delicacy gift for two blue tokens

(3) Izzar sells:
* Armor Maintenance, a purple-quality Grade 6 Maintenance gift for two purple tokens.
* Spiced Aric Tongue, a purple-quality Grade 6 Delicacy gift for two purple tokens.

(4) They haven't. I wrote that before I decided to spend some time researching it for you.
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