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Extend an olive branch towards the community, Bioware

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Extend an olive branch towards the community, Bioware

YeIIow's Avatar

01.09.2013 , 01:25 PM | #21
My response to the under-the-table move Bioware played on us Yesterday with the patch:

Quote: Originally Posted by YeIIow View Post
I don't usually rage on the forums, and rarely complain about anything unless it a big deal. However when i do complain, i try to do it in a civilized way and try to be as constructive as i can. With that said:

Either u guys hire a real Customer Support team, or stop claiming that u actually have one right now... cos what u have right now is a very bad joke, i find it quite offensive to us all....

What u dare to name Customer Service:
-Takes an average of 7 days to "read" and answer to a ticket or complain.
-The response u get, after such a long period of waiting, is, at the very best of the cases, clearly generic, like if it came from a robot, rather than a person.
-80% of the time, the answer u get, has noting to do with what u complained about.
-90% of the time, the answer u get is basically telling u to "read the following link"... "call the following number", or something in between, not much of a real answer is it?
-Calling Cs takes 2h, extremely long waiting time to get any sort of answer...
-It used to be at least FREE to call CS using VoIP(such as Skype) but now even that cost money? STOP ROBING US and SCAMING US...

i feel very offended by the lack of attention u guys pay to our complaints and suggestions, not to mention the complete lack of progress in any regards.....

To Bioware:
I remember the glorious times of SWKOTOR 1 and 2(even if u were not directly related to the second one), the time of Mass Effect 1(and even 2), the time of Dragon Age Origins, i remember all those days and years with joy and with a big sincere smile..... but the more i think of it nowdays, the more sadness and disappointment i feel.

I was once convinced that Bioware was the Best RPG makers out there, and the BEST game developers overall, i once looked up to Casey Hudson and saw a great man, someone i respect and admired.... But those days are long gone, and replaced by much darker ones, at one point u started making big mistakes regarding many things, u began breaking promises, u stopped listening to the wishes and needs of ur loyal consumers, u became greedy and arrogant, u lost the vision u once had, lost completely ur path, as a result of that; Dragon Age 2 was a piece of c.r.a.p in many regards; SWKTOR 3 was cancelled: SWTOR replaced SWKTOR 3, and to be realist , the ultimate truth is that this game has been a big fiasco; furthermore, what was maybe the biggest of all ur mistakes to the date: The ENDING OF MASS EFFECT 3. i consider that one, a big. nasty, spit in our face...

With Mass Effect 3 u lost most of ur loyal and older fans, the ones that had remained by ur side through this long journey. The very few that "remained loyal to some degree", have never really forgiven u entirely and have remained very skeptical about any of ur decisions from that moment on, sadly nobody is ever gona see Bioware the same way, and think of it as they did back in the days.

and what is even more sad, is that, today 9.01.2013 i have lost the little faith i had left on u, after receiving once more another stupid generic answer, that was clearly just copy pasted by a somebody, who did not, at the very least, read half of my message. A message i spent almost 1h writing and organising the 1000s words it contained. A message where i was Very, VERY Clear!

PS: Is very sad when the Bioware Staff on the forums spend more time asking what Cartel Market items we want next, than actually looking and paying a minimum amount of attention at how ur consumers are feeling:
"Forged by Fire; Empowered by Passion"

DarthMeridian's Avatar

01.23.2013 , 03:21 AM | #22
One thing i disagree with you is your need for earning cartel coins in game. You have the opportunity to buy cartel stuff for ingame currency and its called GTN.
I didint buy any of cartel stuff only the faction trainers (they could improve them to teach levelling character even the crew skills).
I agree that whole cartel coins feature is another way to drain some money from customers and its so obvious, that only enthusiasts and stupid ppl do it.
When this mmo wasnt about star wars and story driven, i wouldnt give a s..t.
I played 20 days at start and now i finished one month subscription, but the amount of bugs i experienced is astonishing. (there a lot of them, they are primitive, basic and annoying).
I guess, i will try one month subscription a year from now, if there is some change.

PS: Can anybody tell me the main developers names responsible for this game - it cannot be the same ppl, that created mass effect trilogy.

fungihoujo's Avatar

01.23.2013 , 03:54 AM | #23
For the most part, agreed- I don't see why we should be getting cartel coins in game for doing things, that's the one point I don't agree with- you can buy everything easily on the GTN just doing dailies anyway, and you get lots of free coins for subbing as is.

They've definitely done a poor job communicating, that's for sure- though, in all fairness, this community was never anything but volatile- people were raging away years before the game even came out about this and that, and whenever TOR devs did talk to us- the fanbase did its best to ram everything they said right back down their throats, every single time, no matter what they said.