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Decorations - Crew Skills Trainer Stations

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Decorations - Crew Skills Trainer Stations

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06.12.2015 , 08:53 AM | #1
I'm a Role Player first and foremost and I've found the addition of Strongholds to be a great tool (Thank you Bioware), so far I have made a Secret Republic Starfighter Base and a Republic Military Training Facility.

But as I was grinding my Armstech skill up on one of my characters this afternoon and I noticed that the Stations the Crew Skills Trainers stand at would make amazing decorations.

Now ideally I would like them without the actual trainers, yet I realize this is highly unlikely.

What I'm asking is if it would be possible to add the trainers in, along with the stations they have on the fleets, into the game as decorations, that still function as trainers. They could be placed in the Utilities tab much like the vendor droids. I'm even willing to have to craft dark projects for them. Just please don't make them Cartel Market items.