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People with Disabilities?

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10.03.2013 , 11:33 PM | #61
Saw this thread so I figured I'd say hello and contribute.

I've been a severe asthmatic for over 28 years. I'm 28 years old and for most part of my early childhood for my was pure hell due to this disease. Once I hit 18 though it seemed to dampen down a bit but I still have asthma so I have problems once in awhile but not like before.

Hopefully they will find a cure for this disease and destroy it once and for all.

I have also have severe chronic sinusitis which adds to my problems with asthma. It all factors in.

I'm extremely strict with my maintenance routine with asthma because my mother used to be a respiratory therapist so I learned all from her about this problem and so anyone I know with asthma I try to explain everything I know about it to help them out.

One thing for anyone with asthma is if you EVER suspect you are having a full blown asthma attack, make sure you get to the hospital immediately.

DO NOT SECOND GUESS YOURSELF, PONDER ABOUT OR WAIT, GO TO THE HOSPITAL NOW! You have at the most 5-10 mins before your lungs cannot be reversed in the closing process, OTHERWISE YOU WILL DIE!

I'm not trying to scare anyone but I'm telling you the facts because I do not want to see anyone dead from this terrible disease.

Also try to remain calm if possible, it helps immensely for resisting tension in the lungs.

I hope my contribution helps anyone with this problem. Take care now!

- Wahl
Master Wahl
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