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BiS 63 - Healing

bsbrad's Avatar

02.18.2013 , 03:42 PM | #11
I have always been of the opinion of not stacking alacrity that high and just use alacrity in my implants

My current sorc (nearly all 63s) is sitting at (fully buffed with rakata stim):

- ~810 bonus healing
- ~ 33% crit chance
- ~ 80% crit multiplier
- only 3.75% ish alacrity, the extra 0.1-0.2s speed by stacking to 10% just doesnt seem worth it to me

I have been playing with my crit chance lately I had my bonus healing as high a 835 but this cut my crit chance down to about 30ish. This stat allocation seems to fit better with my style of healing.

On Operation bosses I can pull between 1500-1750HPS depending on whether I am looking after just the tanks (single target healing) or party wide healing. The wide discrepency comes from the less use of my AOE heal. As always with a Sorc you will overheal a lot so you have to keep an eye on your effective HPS, I typically get 65-80% effective HPS in this setup.
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namesaretough's Avatar

02.19.2013 , 02:14 PM | #12
If you’re a commando:
Hazmat Boltblaster's MK-2 Device
+89 mainstat + 128 endurance + 52 power + 60 surge
I was going to make a comment about using a high-endurance earpiece, but after a bit of searching is there really no high-aim hazmat earpiece without accuracy? That's kind of a big oversight.

I would stick with something like
Black Hole Annihilator's Mk-4 Adaptor
+102 mainstat +87 endurance +71 power +57 surge
over the one you have listed.

mastirkal's Avatar

02.24.2013 , 11:25 AM | #13
Only thing I see is how you got 2388 on a sorc, the max without using an Mettle/aptitude A or B mod should be 2382 with all datacrons, exo stims, and buffs.