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Rate the storyline so far(No spoilers!)

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Rate the storyline so far(No spoilers!)

Stradlin's Avatar

11.29.2012 , 02:01 AM | #51
Quote: Originally Posted by _biddan_ View Post
dark-ish sith inquisitor: (favourite voice actor,the story fit very well with my RP decisions)
THIS. His VA is awesome. Too bad I hated the story;p
In (my) perfect world, Sith War has the VA of Sith Inq. Hell in my perfect world I have the voice of Sith Inq.

johnxtreeme's Avatar

11.29.2012 , 12:02 PM | #52
Bounty Hunter- Level 50

The storyline is quite good until you hit the middle of Act 2, upon which it becomes an extremely boring game of 'kill this guy' which you'll be spacebarring through in no time. The ending is the exact opposite of epic, in fact it's terribly anticlimactic and overall just a bit lame.


11.30.2012 , 08:17 AM | #53
* Sith Warrior (Level 50) - 9.5/10
LOVED the story!! It's pure Darth Vadar in every way. Act 1 was great, but Act 3 with the final showdown was just awesome!!

* Smuggler (Level 50) - 7/10
It was good.. typical Han Solo (which I liked), but didn't quite really compare to the Sith Warrior story imo

* Imperial Agent (Finished Chapter 1) - 9.5/10
Love it so far... lots of great twists and turns in the story so far.. hoping for a great finish (wonder if it'll top my Sith Warrior story?!)

I'm thinking of doing the Jedi Knight next, as most people say that class has a great story

jumay's Avatar

11.30.2012 , 10:41 AM | #54
Trooper - lvl 50 - 7
I liked Act 1 and the battles at the end of 2 and 3. I wish there were more moments where I was part of the war instead of small skirmishes here and there. I was never near the front line of a battle nor did I ever take a large squad to storm an area.

Smuggler - lvl 50 - 5
The chase for Skavik was fun in Act 1. The rest of the story just didn't seem to fit to me. I seemed more entry level SIS errand boy than Smuggler. The story twist was pretty good, but the story overall was average.

Consular - lvl 50 - 3
This story never reached the point of captivating to me. The shielding technique plot line never made me feel like an essential part of a war effort. I felt completely separated from the major focus of the game. The diplomatic efforts in Act 2 and 3 were dull.

Knight - lvl 32 - 8
The story to this point has been very good. The game play of the Knight makes it even better. Fast hitting and in your face is the game play and the story is along those lines.

Agent - lvl 23 - 8.5
Really enjoying the story so far. It is all that everyone says it is up to this point.

Lorica's Avatar

11.30.2012 , 02:31 PM | #55
I know some will disgree and that is fine...

1. Jedi Consular - 10/10 - Easier to play with a Shadow. The most Jedi-like story line. Jedi is not all about hacking and slashing, especially a Consular. I feel some people are harsh on this story line because they are more hack'n'slash centric and could care less of the healing arts, philosophy, and unmodified diplomacy. All chapters completed with my Sage.

2. Jedi Knight - 5/10 - I can not remember what I am doing. I have both a Sentinel (C2) and Guard (C1) running this story line. Perhaps my score will improve after I catch up to what I am doing?...LOL It could also be either SWTOR over use blues or the quest line is not hard enough for Sent DPS and Guard Tank-DPS. Kira is a plus to the story line.

3. Smuggler - 7/10 - Chapter 1 was cool, Chapter 2 - I am finding myself either drooling on the keyboard or logging out my smuggler for another toon with a more exciting story line and more active skills. In addition, I could swear an Imperial Agent - Sniper has better dps and/or inductions than a Smuggler-Gunslinger and they are supposed to be equal.

4. Trooper 9/10 - Very cool thus far! The only reason for the 9 is because you can tell some or all of the Devs have never been in the military.

5. Sith Warrior - 10/10 - I really like it thus far, very dark Sith like. The Sith Warrior (C1) master is very Sith intimidating and has an aura of danger about him - (Chapter 1).

6. Sith Inquisitor - 9/10 - I am giving it a 9 thus far because I think Lord Zash seems too lenient or perhaps she is a calm before the storm? I like how my toon back handed Khem Val for stepping out of line with Lord Zash, however I would have expected lightning streams from Lord Zash either on my toon, Khem, or both regardless if my toon kept Khem in line. (Chapter 1)

7. Imperial Agent - 10/10 - I feel like James Bond armed with Alexander Arm's Beowulf (.50 caliber upper receiver for the M16/M4). (Chapter 1)

8. Bounty Hunter - 10/10 - having fun and it feels very bounty hunter oriented. I do not see any fault with the story at this time. (Chapter 2)

SentinelDranoel's Avatar

11.30.2012 , 03:01 PM | #56
Quote: Originally Posted by Stradlin View Post
Rate each storyline using numbers between 1 and 10, 1 being utter sith and 10 being greatest thing since Planescape. Please specify how much of the story you have experienced.
Greatest thing since the ME trilogy, KOTOR, Dragon Age Origins and DA2 is my 10. My 1 scale is any game where story does not add to the game. Being motivated to beat a boss is more important than beating boss just to beat the game.

Jedi Consular
Chapter 1: 6/10. Does not fit in well with the rest of the stories in the game. Why send a new jedi to do what seems like a masters job.
Chapter 2: 8/10. Adds to the overall SWTOR story and ends dramatically.
Chapter 3: 8/10. Combined with the JK storyline, this is a awesome example of interweaving stories. Suprise final boss.

Jedi Knight
Chapter 1: 9/10. The Kira factor.
Chapter 2: 8/10. Would give it a 10 if it were not for companions 3 and 4. They do not add to the story for me. The ending is a 10.
Chapter 3: 10/10. Classic Bioware where you and your squad team up to stop a threat. Personalities will clash.

Chapter 1: 9/10. Good story, but the smuggler is all over the place. Feels like multiple stories rolled into one.
Chapter 2: 9/10. Loved how it ended.
Chapter 3: 7/10. The final boss really did fit well with everything else for me, I had no motivation to seem him lose.

Chapter 1: 6/10. Nothing spectatular here for me. Capture and kill missions.
Chapter 2: 8/10. Classic looking for specialized teammates story, and it concludes really well.
Chapter 3: 9/10. Finally a major enemy and the final planet is a epic mission.

Sith Inquisitor
Chapter 1: 6/10. Nothing dynamic until the end. Too long of a wait.
Chapter 2: 8/10. Taris stood out to me, even though Hoth was forgetful.
Chapter 3: 8/10. Definitely had to see how it ends, enjoyed it very much.

Bounty Hunter
Chapter 1: 5/10. Did not care for it much. Great Hunt...whatever.
Chapter 2: 7/10. Typical. Taris storyline was different from most in the game, pretty good.
Chapter 3: 7/10. I liked parts here and there but I was more interested in Mako's storyline.

Sith Warrior
Chapter 1: 9/10. Loved it. One of the best in the game.
Chapter 2: 7/10. Nothing significant until the very end.
Chapter 3: 10/10. From begining to end, thought it was well done. Makes your SW feel more important in the overall SWTOR story. Combines with JK story as well.
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