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Rate the storyline so far(No spoilers!)

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Rate the storyline so far(No spoilers!)

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01.05.2012 , 01:39 PM | #11
Jedi Knight - About to hit 47, and most of the way through Act III. It's amazing, and really picked up after Act I. Some huge twists that really surprised me. 10/10 at this point.
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01.05.2012 , 02:28 PM | #12
Jedi knight 10/10.
Sith inquisitor 7/10.
Imperial agent 9/10.

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01.05.2012 , 03:42 PM | #13
Imperial Agent: 10/10 Completed it. Lots of Twists and surprises, perfect "spy" feelings

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01.05.2012 , 04:07 PM | #14
Quote: Originally Posted by darthander View Post
Trooper lvl. 25
10/10 Great Story, and plenty of twists and turns.
Still early, but great!
I second that. I am a 41 Trooper Vanguard and just finished Chapter/act 2. IT was fantastic. I thought act 1 story and ending was good but act 2 was even better and I really liked the story and quests on Hoth.

Uruare's Avatar

01.05.2012 , 05:36 PM | #15
Bounty Hunter: 8/10 -- Very well executed, suffers a bit from being kinda bland and doldrum in spots, but only in spots. Definitely gonna appeal to anyone that likes the idea of slow-walking away from a giant explosion.

Sith Inquisitor: Chapter 1: 10/10 -- Superb opening chapter. Couldn't be better in any realistic, setting-relevant manner. If it never changes thematically, it will never go wrong.

Sith Inquisitor: Chapter 2: 2/10 -- a different story team or dude or something to write and direct chapter 2, I think. Without throwing spoilers, I will say that I can see what it's TRYING to do...but all it succeeds in accomplishing until the very end is bludgeoning you with railroad tracks and jumping up and down on you like a vindictive game master going "lol lol so stupid is you!" for being kicked down the railroad tracks lain before us.

Ways to improve chapter 2: Two words: Railroad. Tracks. How many cut scenes can we be randomly slammed with in which decisions and their conclusions are made for us and we're merely being...drug along for the highly unfulfilling ride? Sith Inquisitor's chapter 2 is an embarassment and almost a fraud of storytelling compared to the gem that is Chapter 1.

The thematics aren't why. It's the fact that nothing you do, choose, say or approach from any angle matters. As a Sith Lord, you're still being herded around by not only your former master (why you'd be listening to her at that point for reasons I shall not spoil, I don't know) but also your new minions. You're still dangling from the bottom of the ladder, doing all the grunt work.

At no point do you receive any meaningful input on how to proceed with the situations you're railroaded face first into, and when you're backhanded with a certain cut scene I shall not describe, all the goodness and neat-o feel of Chapter 1 just kind've crashes down around your ears.

And then you run around and do some rather boring, repetetive map-criss crossing crap that was about as engaging as it sounds only to be slapped with another cut scene in which you suck and are, if you're me anyway, left wishing you could have the past twenty hours of your life playing this inquisitor back.

There's nothing you can do about it. Short of literally avoiding the class questline altogether, you can't even pretend to avoid it or do anything. To flirt with a spoiler, rocks fall, you die. Your minions herd you around to find your shovel of circumstance.

Oh, wait, lol, you're stupid for using the shovel of circumstance, now go fix yourself before more rocks fall and you die some more.

The ending of chapter 2 is insufficient to make up for the fumbling lameness of the entire rest of the chapter. Sure, you get your come-uppance, but it feels like its far too little, way too late.

Moral of the story: Never, ever flail a player with railroad tracks, immerse them in belligerence about how stupid they are for where YOUR RAILROAD TRACKS forced them to go and then handwave the whole 'your choices matter' fulcrum point of...most of the game...with cut scenes that are definitively terrible and serve only, from a storytelling perspective, to kick you further down the railroad tracks.

In short, I think Chapter 2 for inquisitors was written by somebody that was a very mad bro at that you weren't abused enough in Chapter 1. You got fulfilling and interesting story stuff? How dare you; here's an entire chapter in which you're retarded because I say so, and here's a Marty Stu to be the vector of my wrath upon you.

I dunno, if it were a novel, I'd feel robbed of the purchasing price. By comparison, BH Chapter 2 is great. SW chapter 2 is great so far (only midway through that one). You get choices; stuff happens in which you get to respond and at least feel like you're choosing which side of the tracks you're gonna stand on.

Inquisitor chapter 2 Summary: Your title of Lord is a lie and you're going to spend 95% of the chapter feeling like whoever wrote and directed the chapter hates you personally. The conclusion may or may not feel all the more rewarding for it, but to me, it was entirely too little and far too late, and when I roll another inquisitor to play a Sorc variety instead of an Assassin, you can bet that chapter 2's gonna see a lot of me mashing the space bar and escape button so I don't have to look at the retardation any more than I absolutely must.

So, there's how I really feel. Moving along.

Chapter 2, summarized. Very unrewarding chapter. I feel like whomever wrote and directed it should be flogged, fired and never permitted to assemble letters into words ever again.

But chapter 1 really is a gem!

Sith Warrior -- Chapter 1: 8/10 -- Everything was good and very well executed, though I was left wanting more in some spots. Irrelevant to the story, but very relevant to the cumulative experience, is that SW, especially Marauder, just sucks to play for the tissue-paper feel and not having enough cannon to go with all that glass.

Marauder feels, until the mid 30's, like the class designer had no clue what they were doing with melee DPS. Juggernaut feels alright by contrast, and gets really awesome by 32 in the hands of an aggressive player, but Marauder never felt like it really picked up for me, and that really colored my experience with the storyline.

At least until I later rolled a Jugg and felt like I'd gone from Stupid mode difficulty to merely Normal mode, which was a lot nicer on the experience as a whole and let me appreciate the story sans the fugued haze of frustration that my whole Marauder experience left me with.

To me, at least, things like that matter. If the scenery's lovely but the vehicle to explore and experience it is frustrating and annoying, it colors the whole experience for me. Thankfully, I rolled that Jugg and got to see all of Chapter 1 with a class that isn't in dire need of having the Suck and Fail wrung out of it.

Otherwise, I'd have no rating to offer thus far on the Warrior line at all. Marauder just flat sucks as yet, and I won't play it until they tighten it up at least as well as Juggernaut.

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01.05.2012 , 05:57 PM | #16
Sith Inquisitor:
I'm currently at the end of Act 3

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01.05.2012 , 07:17 PM | #17
Sith Warrior, (Story Complete, lvl 50):


This is ofcourse not judging side quests, just the Class Quests.

I felt like it started off pretty great, and the climax actually brought a tear to my eye with
the epicness, but the inbetween was.. Ok at times and less so in others.


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01.05.2012 , 09:15 PM | #18
Agent Prologue: Great. The best introduction of any class quest. You get interesting characters, tough morale choices and finishes off with a massive twist few people likely saw coming. The central plots of each planet tie very nicely in with the Agent story as well.

Agent Chapter 1: Honestly? Rather drab. It felt very repetitive; Here is a terrorist cell on X planet, go and destroy it by killing the leader, repeat. The Aldeeran twist was nice though and the finale was suitably epic but I felt the 'surprise' on who the traitor was felt very predictable. Darth Zhorrid also vanishes into thin out without any explaination. The morale choices were also extremely grey during this Chapter and although that was always a reoccurring theme in the story anyway they took the forefront here.

Agent Chapter 2: I see what they tried to do, but it felt rather jarring. I am supposed to be infiltrating the SIS and I get that, but somehow they can ignore the main story quests where I basicly screwed the Republic out of rebuilding Taris and claimed Quesh and Hoth for the Empire? Yeeaahh, the main story felt very out of place here. I also felt we didn't really get enough interaction with the SIS team with the exception of Chance. The way the Empire is copped out of getting the Shadow Arsenal also felt contrived and done just to return the status quo.
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01.07.2012 , 01:38 AM | #19
So far Inquisitor's story is the least favorite of everybody who has tried it.

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01.07.2012 , 02:03 AM | #20
Quote: Originally Posted by Stradlin View Post
Let's evaluate storylines we have played thus far. Also let us do it in fashion free of spoilers! If enough people bother replying, results can potentialy be pretty telling and great help when figuring out what to reroll.

Rate each storyline using numbers between 1 and 10, 1 being utter sith and 10 being greatest thing since Planescape. Please specify how much of the story you have experienced.
..and add nothing else! Don't tell why you thought the storyline is so bad/good so this remains readable to those who fear spoilers.
From what i've played,
Trooper; 9.5 for act one, 3 for act two, 2.5 for the rest.
Sith warrior; 8 for act one, 8.5 for the rest.
Sith inquisitor; 5 for act one, 3.5 for the rest
Jedi knight; 8 for act one, 9ish for the rest, the last act is great.