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New patch and more Trash

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02.17.2013 , 12:36 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Griad View Post
I have to agree that no matter how when you are not flagged for PVP you should not be able to get flagged unless you turn the flag on or heal/rez/help a friend who is flagged.

Anyway the quests are boring and not worth doin more than once and the pvp quest are boring not worth doing more than once so overall not really missing much in regards of content.
Not true. My wife and I were not flagged for pvp and within two minutes of entering the zone we both were. I think that it happened to me because a flagged player ran into an aoe heal that I threw and am not sure why it happened to my wife. After five minutes in the area we did not see one player who was not flagged, yet most started out as unflagged.

In any case, we trogged on and about ten minutes into the dailies, 25 pubs in a group and all in pretty stong pvp gear come into our area and ganked everyone. They then camp the node. The game just stopped at that point for everyone who was trying to do the pve quests. I logged off after returning to the med center and then relogged an hour later. General chat was full of comments as to how people could not do the content because there was a large group camping nodes and killing everyone who came near. I just hit fleet pass and have never returned to the event.

I guess that everyone has a different opinion with regard to the event. Ours is not good. I would ask the devs what is the point of adding content that annoys players and just gives them reason to play something else. Content that cannot be done by many is not content to them.

PS - Although I have done some pvp in other games, I choose not to do it in SWTOR and so joined a pve server. I have no pvp gear and am not a member of a guild. So pvp is beyond the capabilities of my characters, especially in an enviornment where even a top notch pvp player will be overwhelmed by mass numbers of people running togehter. I guess the event does not make sense to me and I just don't get what the devs were trying to do.