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Veterans punished.. again?

Kaos_KidSWTOR's Avatar

10.05.2015 , 09:46 AM | #21
I think that Rift does Level Syncing really well. It's completely optional! Also, it has a special system you can use to power level characters in a High Level area, and you are buffed UP to the higher levels. You get increased EXP, Drops, and even special rewards for using the "Level Sync" that the lower levels can use to boost themselves to the cap, and level quicker. I forget what it is called though, I think it's called Instant Adventure, but don't quote me on that.

AbsolutGrndZero's Avatar

10.05.2015 , 10:37 AM | #22
1. If you are roleplaying in an active game area, you are going to have to kill the mobs as they respawn. Whether it takes you 10 seconds or 20 seconds, is that really that big of a deal?

2. As for the "I paid for it OMG now it's free" complaint, any of you ever play Evequest back in the day? From the "Lost Dungeons of Norrath" expansion on, they adopted a new policy that every new expansion also included the entire base game and all previous expansions. So, Bioware doing it that way too is nothing new. That WoW doesn't do it that way (or do they finally? I"ve not played since Thunder King in MoP), they are actually the exception not the rule.

Seriously, this idea of 'punishing those who put in the work' mentality of 'veteran' gamers annoys me as a veteran gamer. Face it, you are a child and don't want your parents to make you share your toys, that's it. I know you will cry that you are not, but that's the exact same way you sound.
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