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Unable to get help for over a week now! I'm about to unsub this stupid game!

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Unable to get help for over a week now! I'm about to unsub this stupid game!

Eugutran's Avatar

10.04.2015 , 09:28 PM | #1
How about a story.

Last week I re-subbed to this game after a long time of not playing. I start collecting datacrons. I collect all of the datacrons on belsavis and i dont get the achievement for it. (because I collected some on that planet before they added achievements to the game therefore they dont count toward my achievement) I contact customer support via ticket. a customer support rep is so generous as to manually award me the achievement since it is bugged. a few days go by... same thing happens AGAIN. this time on korriban. I contact customer support via ticket. I get an automated response from some ******** protocol droid saying it has to be fixed in a game update and there's nothign they can do. I CALL customer support because I KNOW FOR A FACT they can fix it and help me because they just did like 2 days ago! the customer support rep tells me to submit the ticket under any category EXCEPT for the bug report category. So i do that. I get ANOTHER automated response. So i submit a ticket with my problem under EVERY category.... I GET 10 AUTOMATED RESPONSES! this is an awful way of doing customer service. It's like my account has been marked for all my tickets to be lumped together as "bug reports" even tho i am submitting them under other categories. I want my achievement. If nobody is willing to fix it, I think i'll unsub and quit. If i want ****** customer service ill call my ISP or my mobile provider. And i know its a minor thing i can just get on a diff character and collect the datacrons, but that is NOT THE POINT. The point is, the game is broken and I don't have credit for something i should have credit for. now can SOMEBODY PLEASE give me my achievement?

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10.04.2015 , 11:13 PM | #2
They told you it would be fixed in a future patch. Which probably means the 20th of this month. Quit if you dont like it. They replied and you didnt like the answer they gave you. Too bad. Suck it up and wait or leave you have the option.
Also im sure some replies will want your stuff if your quitting.
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Eugutran's Avatar

10.05.2015 , 12:23 AM | #3
If you search forums this "bug" has been around as far back as 2012. it hasn't been fixed. its an automated response. they don't read it. AND if you read my post closely you'll notice that it says I had a customer support rep fix the same issue a week prior. They HAVE the ability to fix it, but I keep getting the generic "Bug report" reply from them. So unless you work for EA or bioware and plan on fixing my achievement, you can **** off.

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10.05.2015 , 09:15 AM | #4
What part of "it's going to be fixed in the next patch" you did not understand? Before you sent a ticket concerning Korriban people working in the CS were probably informed by the devs to not fix the datacron achievements since datacrons are going to be legacy-wide in 4.0 and they are getting a new category in the legacy window. Bioware will probably run a script to acknowledge datacrons that have been found by players including those who gathered them before achievements were introduced in SWTOR.

Stop raging and think about a moment. That would help.
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