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My hat off to people who play dedicated tanks

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My hat off to people who play dedicated tanks

Sydexlic's Avatar

02.07.2013 , 05:42 AM | #101
Quote: Originally Posted by Esproc View Post
As for guarding the healer, if they are too far from the tank, it is useless to do so, and you are better off guarding the higher dps.
This is also misinformation. The range referred to in the guard tool tip is ONLY FOR THE PVP DAMAGE REDIRECT NOT THE THREAT REDUCTION OR DAMAGE REDUCTION.

The simple act of having the buff on you will grant you the threat and damage reduction bonuses, regardless of your distance from the tank.

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02.07.2013 , 10:15 AM | #102
Quote: Originally Posted by Sydexlic View Post
Sorry, too late. I already have the Warstalker title and was 2nd in the world to clear EC NiM with my raid.

For proof of my claims, check out my youtube channel at

With that said, I'm quite confident in my assertion that I'd not want to go anywhere near your mediocre guild.
Sydexlic you may have experience and knowledge to help others become better but your arrogance and delivery just chases people away.

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02.07.2013 , 10:25 AM | #103
I now have an sith Jugg, its the first time I ever tanked.... I love it! My first alt was a Jedi Sentinal (solo play) and I also enjoyed that, but tanking with my wife as a healer really made being a tank worth it. We can do every single Heroic 2+ and many of the Heroic 4's as a tank/healer combo, while they are still green, and can do heroic 2+'s yello or orange every time....
She is playing solo as a Consular healer now while I am at work and once she is close to lvl 50, ill pair her up with my Sentinal, but in all honesty, I wish I had did a guardian now....

As a jugg, with her healing me, we really have a great 1-2 punch. When a Boss is super hard, like at the end of a Heroic 4, we also use our healing companions and Ill tank like there is no tomorrow until we beat it....

so, with me tanking and 3 healers going makes for a long battle, but in many casses, we can win, maybe die 1 or 2 times until we get a stragety that will work on that boss and then beat it.... even if I have to run in circles until she can heal me again (rebuild her willpower), then go back in and tank. I was always a DPS mele kind of guy, now I rahter tank. then again, its because I have a dedicated healer.... that helps being a tank or I may have just stayed DPS, which I feel works better for solo play.

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02.07.2013 , 10:29 AM | #104
Quote: Originally Posted by MillionsKNives View Post
I think you're forgetting that there are 3 tanks. Also, all three tanks are viable at endgame, Juggs/Guardians will likely just have a harder time of it.
I was once put in a group (gf gave me false emp HM) on my Tankasin and the healer patronisingly informed everyone that we likely wouldn't finish as we didn't have a "proper tank".

When we arrived unscathed @ Malgus I said I was on strike until I got an apology

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02.07.2013 , 10:34 AM | #105
Quote: Originally Posted by Sydexlic View Post
THIS is why you ALWAYS guard the DPS and NOT the healer.
The theory/mechanics you've given is 100% correct - BUT

for an average PUG tank, I've pulled agg on my sage healer and my gunslinger both. If it's my slinger, I can dump agg and stop attacking for a few seconds. If it's my healer, I can still dump agg, but I bet I can't stop healing.

For a quality tank, I'd rather see guard on the DPS. For a mediocre tank, I'd rather see it on the healer - of course, how one tells the difference, that's a question in itself.

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02.07.2013 , 10:39 AM | #106
Quote: Originally Posted by Vinjar View Post
I gave up tanking in this game. In fact I deleted my original Juggernaut in a bit of a rage quit. I am re-leveling him now but I simple don't do Flashpoints. I'll wait until 50 then join a guild. Pugging in this game as a tank is an excercise in patience.
^ I also respeced and never looked back. Tired of running around like mad trying to pick up mobs because the DPS decides they should be pulling.

Hylentor's Avatar

02.07.2013 , 11:07 AM | #107
On guarding from a healer's perspective... Even in PUGs, the only time I'm usually pulling aggro is when the DPS aren't going for the weaker mobs first, and a guard won't affect that aggro pull whatsoever. The first heal I do, I'll have more aggro than the sum of zero from those DPS. At least guarding one of the dps will mitigate the amount of healing I have to do while fending things off.

I've definitely developed a healthier perception of tanks after leveling my own though - while I've always waited for tank cues to jump into combat, just the amount of situational awareness needed has mproved my play on my other characters - I'm more likely to notice the healer getting hit now than before, at least.

Darth_Vicente's Avatar

02.07.2013 , 11:09 AM | #108
I found my tank Juggernaut to be the easiest leveling experience I had in the game, having hit 50 before the XP boosts came out, and still doing it faster than subsequent characters. I now have 5 level 50s, to clarify.
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02.08.2013 , 02:05 PM | #109
You're welcome.

I currently have two level 50 tanks and on at level 37. I also have two level 50 healers and a Level 50 DPS.

Leveling as a tank is really easy and fairly fast as long as you use modable gear and use a mix of tank and DPS mods. And also use modable gear on your companion of choice, I use my healer companion most of the time. I if I feel that things aren't dying fast enough I just put him/her in their DPS stance and things die a little faster. I also have all six of the crafting professions maxed out on various toons so getting the lastest mods, enhancements, barrels, or armoring isn't an issue. I also choose the current planet's commendation option for rewards from quests to help gear up when I leave a planet. As long as you swap out all your mods with the lastest ones when you leave a planet you will be well geared for the next one. Tha's how I was able to complete the class quests for my Guardian on Hoth at level 37. And yes, I did it solo because this was my first Republic toon at the time.

When it comes to PUGing Flashpoints as a Tank I have a simple philosophy. I get aggro on the big stuff and keep the healer alive. DPS need to know that in this game their job is to kill the weaker mobs first while the tank holds the big stuff at bay. I will do my best to get aggro on everything in a trash pull but once I make my initial sweep through the trash I focus on the big stuff. I keep an I on the healer to make sure he can keep up but oonce I know he can I will pretty much chain pull all the way through. If the healer is having trouble I will slow down. I pretty much ignore the DPS for the most part unless they are just being stupid. And of course, "If you spank it, you tank it."

When I go in as a healer I will start off the first few trash pulls just healing to see how the group does and then I will start throwing in some DPS if the DPS know how to avoid unnecessary damage just so we can get through a little faster. Besides I see my DPS as healing as well. The faster things die the less damage they do to the party so the less healing they need. And most of my DPS as a Merc/Commando healer has knockdown or stun effects as well. Mobs can't damage the party when they are laying on the ground. Of course it helps that all my 50's are Black Hole or better geared.

Some helpful tips for DPS in PUG's:

1. Don't use knockback abilities when standing next to the tank, we don't like it.
2. Do use knockback abilities to knock mobs away from the healer and preferrably toward the tank.
3. Kill weaker mobs first. It reduces incoming damage which makes the healer happy.
4. Don't run in front of the tank unless you want to tank.
5. And avoid unnecessary damage (i.e. Don't stand in bad stuff and don't stand in front of the boss)

PUGing can be fun. I do it all the time for BH comms so I can gear my alts when they hit 50. And I also enjoy teaching new players how to do some of the harder fights (HM LI) as long as they can learn from their mistakes.

Good luck everyone and I'll see you in-game on The Shadowlands server.
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02.08.2013 , 04:21 PM | #110
I like my Guardian Tank, but people are so annoying when joining random groups. I can tell stories but I will just say instead that I keep my ignore button at the ready.
Since I have recently dusted off my mostly Black Hole/Rakata tank, let me say that people are still annoying:

1. Jumping in before me and not kiling the weaks. I like to let them come close to dying but this does kind of annoy the healer. Normally when I am healing, if someone does this and the tank lets them take the aggro; I have no problem not healing the player just to help the tank get his point across.

2. Constantly complaining when we are not going to die at all because most of the people in the FP are overgeared for HM FP. If you want to run the FP a certain way, you have the option of a guild run.

I rarely get a group of proffesionals who shut up and do their jobs, I love you guys that do.
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