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KDY Shipwright Helmet does not have voice modulation

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KDY Shipwright Helmet does not have voice modulation

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07.24.2014 , 12:35 AM | #1
At least not on my character. It's probably a bug, due to the fact that the Forward Recon Helmet from the Cartel Packs shares the same model and has significant modulation. Not game-breaking at all, but it would be cool if you guys looked into it.
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07.28.2014 , 12:08 PM | #2
nor does S1 PVP reward gear just to mention

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07.28.2014 , 01:58 PM | #3
There's a lot of helmets that intentionally DON'T have modulation. Most of the BH armor, for example.

EDIT: Some of the reskins of the BH models DO have modulating. Just telling ya.
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