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Lag issues

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

Daimen's Avatar

10.19.2012 , 03:37 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Beesodd View Post
Hi all,

Thank you for the reports. Can you please post up your server, approximate location and ISP if you are having this problem?
Server: Jedi Covenent
Location: Lower Alabama
ISP: Troy Cable

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10.19.2012 , 03:39 PM | #12
I am suffering from this problem as well.

I am in Maine and play on Jedi Covenant, I rolled up another character on a different server and it worked fine.

Osoygatitalove's Avatar

10.19.2012 , 03:40 PM | #13
Server: Prophecy of the five
location: Lima, Peru, South America
ISP: ???

RaithHarth's Avatar

10.19.2012 , 03:43 PM | #14
Server: Ebon Hawk
Location: Eastern Ontario Canada
ISP: err I don't know? I doubt my ISP has anything to do with the problem
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10.19.2012 , 04:18 PM | #15
When I log in my character is just standing there. I can turn, but I can't move. The "X" on the server connection icon. After it times out the server select screen gives me the lost connection to the server message. It says Server Error 9000. Says this may be related to an error encountered by the server itself. Says to log out of my character and try logging in again. Which I have done of course.

I also logged into The Shadowlands server where I have a couple of characters and it does the same thing.

Theodulus's Avatar

10.19.2012 , 04:41 PM | #16
Also having problems. Lag spikes are making the game unplayable. They started today when doing warzones earlier. I lag out horribly once every 5 minutes and in between there is a lot of stuttering. Latency is around 70ms when I don't lag out. Once I lag out I eventually get kicked to server select screen. I can see all servers online there and once I try to connect I get the error 1003. It tells me this for about 5 minutes and then it lets me in again. It has repeated for 3 times now within 20 minutes.

Server: Tomb of Freedonn Nadd
Location: Sweden
ISP: A local one you probably never heard of

Daimen's Avatar

10.19.2012 , 06:00 PM | #17
Appears to be working fine now. I've been logged in for about 10 minutes with no issues.

RandomFoliage's Avatar

10.19.2012 , 06:59 PM | #18
Same issues here. I thought it might've been cuz I created a 9th character...that's when the lag issues with the red x started.

I deleted the 9th character & it mostly works fine now. However, a couple of my original characters are stuck in lag & can't/won't move.

Server: Dalborra (Asia Pacific)
Location: Melbourne, Australia
ISP: This who I get Internet through? If so, it would be TPG

Daimen's Avatar

10.19.2012 , 07:32 PM | #19
I'm not sure whats going on, but it appears to be doing it again.

jedi_exile's Avatar

10.19.2012 , 07:33 PM | #20
Same issues here, have been like that since the morning, i'm on the server Jedi Covenant and always i log in the lag goes to 15,000 ms and then goes the red <<x>> any solution to this?
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