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The Solo Ranked Problem

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The Solo Ranked Problem

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05.30.2020 , 12:04 PM | #71
Quote: Originally Posted by JediMasterAlex View Post
lol perhaps. But there are a few suggestions that are no brainers to me. One is to remove vote kick (or at least change it so it can't be abused as easily), along with some kind of gear requirement to enter ranked. Another is to change matchmaking so that it doesn't stack classes as frequently. And finally, more frequent class balance changes, especially for the worst specs. There are a lot of dps jugg mains that have been basically frozen out of ranked for years.

Probably the single best thing they could do for ranked pvp would be to introduce cross server queues, but I assume that will never happen. Merging the NA servers together and the EU servers together would be nearly as good.
What some of you here don't want to acknowledge is the fact that the huge majority of this player base is very casual and they just aren't interested in any form of " competition" .

You will not like this, but if you want more players queing, they have to make it more casual friendly.. otherwise it will be the same dead que with same faces all the time .

This game mode gained a very bad reputation over the years and if you ask around any regstar on the fleet why he doesn't que, he will say that the players are ***holes and the prefers to have fun pvp-ing elsewhere.

Unraked has a huge population compared to ranked and imagine the game if only 60% of them did SR too. How many more pops ? But they avoid it and there is nothing Bioware can do to make it more popular. I still think the biggest problem are the players and then come things like class stacking, vote kick, etc.

As things are now, there is a huge emphasis on losing, and losing a game weights too much. It's logical.. that losses need to make you lose points, but it's too much and this can discourage players from trying.

I don't think anyone from the devs even reads this forums so whatever we say will remain only written...
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