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There should be a few less restrictions on Preferred player status

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There should be a few less restrictions on Preferred player status

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02.20.2013 , 12:11 AM | #41
Quote: Originally Posted by PLUMST View Post
i get they're trying to get more people to subscribe, but cmon, someone who is Preferred Player status contributed at least some money to the game, so they should let them gain normal XP
lets see

Sub = $15/month
Preferred = 1 time $10.00 coin purchase

how are these 2 things equal that they should gain equal xp?

Spending $10.00 and playing for 6 months is NOT contributing to game imo

Honestly they should leave prefered as is (in game benefits) and make it that to be prefered you need to buy $10.00 worth of coins every month, not just a single one time purchase.

So your paying a lesser monthly fee for a slightly reduced service (as is currently the case)

Giving more for free will NOT promote more subscriptions
Giving more for free will promote LESS SUBSCRIPTIONS as there will be less reason to subscribe

But what ever, think im on last legs of this game anyways.
Cartel Shop has completely ruined game for me as 90% of the development seems to go into updating Cartel Shop rather then bug fixing, content updating, and other things we use to take for granted as subscribers in MMORPGs.
In regards to lessening F2P and Preferred restrictions
In GAMING, as in LIFE,
You get what you pay for
No game restriction is so dire that $15.00/month will not eliminate it