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A note about alignment!!!!!

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09.22.2019 , 03:58 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by TonyTricicolo View Post
Maybe using their mobile security key
I'll stop you there. Not everyone has a security key, and there are people who complain about the recurrent Single Use Passwords (incorrectly called "One Time Password"), but *refuse* to get a security key of any sort.
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09.22.2019 , 08:47 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by SteveTheCynic View Post
That's a good question. There isn't an easy solution, unfortunately. The "obvious" flaw in the JUS warning is that while it does say that it completes all earlier content, someone beginning *now* doesn't have the background to know *which* content is "earlier" and which is not. I suspect that a JUS-like warning is probably the best (?least bad?) we can do. JUS would be helped by having a button that pops a panel that explains what will be locked out, but it's not clear how such a thing could work for a faction change.
Exactly this. The same thing they do for when you're dropping your sub and become F2P at the server select screen? Drop that and 3 warnings on your screen. Also make clear when the ESC key will no longer pull you out of an oopsie in that case. I think people give way too much credit to the few people with the energy to come and post here about making a mistake because they weren't paying attention or to kick up a fuss, those posts won't always be serious or gain traction if people don't give it attention to say 'I told you so' or other snarky remarks.

Bioware aren't brainless, there's nothing stopping them from adding another screen and confirmation prompts just like there's nothing stopping trolls, idiots or the inattentive from making posts putting their mistake/lies on blast. That's no reason to hold back development at this point.
Quote: Originally Posted by DragonTora View Post
ur being the "leet" one by letting the internet raise ur children and I would flash the bird to u if i could noob.
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I know your part of the "Forum Apologist Five" group but stop

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09.25.2019 , 12:02 PM | #13
I totally support this and dont think the click through without reading warnings crowd should be catered or listened to. Lets develop the game for people that love it and Star Wars and not morons please.