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Razer SE Color Crystals

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12.12.2012 , 08:22 PM | #1
It feels like BioWare dropped the ball with this promotion. Unless Iíve missed something, you only ever get TWO crystals, and that's it. Unlike the Pre-Order crystals, you have to trade the original Razer crystals in to a vendor, along with credits, to get an upgraded crystal. Do not trash these if you want the upgraded level 50 crystal, or youíre screwed.

It's fairly odd, and totally unfathomable how the Pre-Order crystal, which cost nothing to get (I know people who farmed the retailers for these to sell on eBay), can be easily obtained from a vendor, and at more than one level, yet the Razer crystal, which required a minimum purchase of $129 has a limited availability and is severely restricted in how you can upgrade them. You canít even buy enough to equip your companions if you choose to do so.

Itís as if you're punishing us for having bought the peripherals, which presumably earned you royalty payments for each sale.

I realize youíre concentrating on the Cartel Market, but I really think you should revisit how you handled this, and allow the folks who paid real money for the Razer peripherals to enjoy the same benefits as the Pre-Order crystal users.

It shouldnít be that hard to tweak the code a bit to allow the vendor to offer the Razer crystals in the same manner as the Pre-Order crystals, and thus restoring some value to what was supposed to have been a benefit of purchasing the Razer gear.

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02.01.2013 , 05:51 AM | #2
Me and my wife were both given one of these headsets each for christmas this year, and we also can't get the lighting change to work, although when we enable ingame lighting effects, it does change to red/blue when we made a dark/light side choice in dialogue, so that much still works.

Also, Razer has stopped the promotion for the color crystal codes, BUT, if your product still has the sticker saying it comes with that color crystal, they have to honor it, and you can get it by going through their support site and contacting them. I'll paste up what they sent me in reply for reference. Also, while I quickly got a response saying they'd help me, my wife's response was 2 days later and they just told her there was nothing they could do, but once she said her husband had been given an exception and forwarded them the reply I got, they did a 180 and sent her the code a few hours later, so if they do the same to you, just say that the sticker is still on your product (if it is) and provide a picture of it, they have to provide what is promised on the product packaging or it is false advertisement and you could raise trouble, and they aren't going to argue with you. Hope it helps some of you!

What they sent me::

G'day Danny,

We are sorry for the issues you have had while trying to generate and/or redeem your SWTOR color code and would be happy to assist you with this. The Crystal Code promotion period has ended.

We apologize as some stock of the product still does reflect the promotion, we would like to make an exception in your case and provide you with a crystal code.

Please fill in the form below and send it back to us.

∑ Full Name:

∑ E-Mail Address used for Synapse:

∑ E-Mail Address used for SW:TOR:

∑ Phone:

∑ Country:

∑ Product:

∑ Product No.:

∑ Serial No: (it does not start with RZ; that is the model number):

Also please attach:

-A picture of the Serial number (located on the bottom of mouse, underside of keyboard, or the inside of the microphone boom)

-A Valid proof of purchase.
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