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Need PVE Dailies help

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11.24.2012 , 10:40 AM | #1
I hit 50 ages ago, left the game after about 2 months since release and just came back. I never did dailies and the respec of my smuggler scrapper isn't really working for me. I notice lots of people go with a healer build. How good is that for soloing dailies? My gear and my companion gear is not very good and my health is about 12500. Any advice would be appreciated.

1. I would like to make some money doing dailes.
2. I would like to PVP, but if I can't then I 'll just use this guy to fund one of my other builds.
3. I would like to be able to so this solo.

Please let me know build and companion you would advise.

Thanks in advance, and yes consider me a level 50 noob since all the changes since I left
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11.24.2012 , 10:58 PM | #2
I'm not very experienced with high level Scrapper, but as a Gunslinger I tend to keep Guss around (both for his witty comments, and his healing ability). If you're trying to go as a damage scrapper, I'd keep a healer companion around, and make sure to always stealth CC something. If you're going as healer-spec, I'd keep either Corso or Bowdaar around and heal them. However, because tank companions tank about as well as a wet tissue, you might be SOL without some decent armor for them. And unfortunately, if your battle strategy is to let your companion do the attacking while you heal them, it'll take a LONG time to kill stuff.

I guess the biggest thing, either way, is to make SURE to stealth CC someone at the beginning of combat.

In terms of WHICH places to go to for dailies, Illum gives out the most credits per mission (10k), but Black Hole Sector has a nice closed area with quick access to all missions (albeit at 7k). Belsalvis Sector-X might be a bit difficult to handle, but has a decent turn in reward per mission. The standard Belsalvis area is widespread, takes a while, and doesn't give a lot of bang for your buck. But if you're got some decent ship upgrades, you can do some space missions in the unknown regions for some decent daily mission commendations and credits.
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11.25.2012 , 04:23 AM | #3
First, a gear tip. If you go to the PvP mission terminal you can get a quest to hand in automatically that gives you a complete set of basic level-50 PvP gear called the Recruit set. This has the expertise stat that is useful only in PvP on it.

This can get you started in PvP, and is good enough to cover your bases for PvE dailies too. If the PvE gear you have in any slot is better, use that on dailies of course.

There are dailies in Ilum, Belsavis, Section X (new, also on Belsavis) and Black Hole (on Corellia). I tend to just do the Black Hole dailies, because you can buy an auto-shuttle there as a legacy ability, and doing them all doesn't take long for a nice chunk of credits.

Going scrapper or heals for PvE dailies is a trade-off. Heals, probably easier, but will take longer as you're relying on your companion (probably Akaavi) to do a lot of the damage. As Scrapper DPS you'll kill stuff quicker but risk getting killed if your character isn't that strong. A balance may be to run as DPS, but keep Guss (your healer companion) out.

PvP: most scoundrels heal, as this is a powerful spec and popular. I prefer to DPS, and you see fewer scrapper scoundrels as it depends heavily on getting good gear, and is generally acknowledged as harder to play than most DPS specs.

With all PvP, you start out with the Recruit gear I mentioned above and earn warzone commendations to improve it. (Battlemaster set, War Hero set, Elite War Hero set coming in patch 1.6, the weapons are here already). The better gear requires "ranked warzone commendations" that are earnt from ranked PvP, PvP missions, or trading normal warzone comms to the PvP vendor at a 3-for-1 rate. Expect to be beaten up a bit until you can get better gear and some experience in PvP. Remember to pick up the daily and weekly PvP quests for extra comms, credits.

Put augments on gear you'll keep for a while, even if they're just blue augments for now. I wouldn't bother putting augments on the Recruit gear as you'll quickly earn enough comms to replace it if you PvP at all.

Scoundrel is a laugh to play, good luck and have fun.
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11.26.2012 , 11:18 AM | #4
Thanks, great answer to get me started, I did PVP alot before the first 2 months the game came out and always did ok, but level 50 is crazy when my health is about 12500 and casters I see have 22000. I'll look up more info on those places you mentioned. Currently I do have Guss heal as I try to DPS, it's not great.

Edit: Wow I just got my recruit armor and it is so much better then the few purple with lvl 51 socketed scatter gun I had saved up pvp point befor. Thanks gave old gear to Guss, now I think I will be more viable.
"What makes a man turn neutral ... Lust for gold? Power? Or were you just born with a heart full of neutrality?"
- Zapp Brannigan

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11.27.2012 , 08:29 AM | #5
As for the healer part of your question, yes it is very easy to solo the dailies when specced to heal. Get Corso, Bowdaar, or Akaavi into a set of recruit gear and it will be a piece of cake. The solo missions may take longer, but you'll have an easier time getting groups for the heroics.

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11.27.2012 , 11:14 AM | #6
Just to throw out some more specific strategies to dealing with the daily mobs. I'm healer spec'd but I tend to take on an off-heal role when I'm solo.

Flyby plus a grenade pretty much knocks out a group of mobs on it's own, so this is always my top choice when off CD. Option 2 is to send your companion at one, and shoot first/stun/backblast another, then converge on the third. I typically drop two stacks of Slow-release Medpac on my companion before we jump in. Then throw 2 stacks of SRMP on yourself and your comp as you run to the next mob to save yourself some recovery time.

I know most people don't have trouble with dailies, but I figured it can't hurt to give some specific examples for those newer players that are struggling a bit.

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11.27.2012 , 02:29 PM | #7
I've been playing a DPS scoundrel since early access, (with some healing when needed) and all I have to say is healing while doing dailies is a huge waste of time. With your current gear you'd be best off using a tank companion (I prefer Bowdaar) and speccing scrapper. Do your dailies and daily HM FP everyday (Blackhole and Section X weeklies) and accumulate as many BH comms as possible, that'll get you geared rather quickly.

My experience: I play scrapper for dailies/PvP, Dirty fighting for progression operations (I'm currently full best in slot gear for PvE and working on it for PvP) and occasionally heal on an alt run or two.

Anyone who tells you a scrapper is hard to play is fooling themselves, it might be more challenging then a commando but a scoundrel's DPS is just weak in comparison to any other class, that's all there is to it, a scrapper's burst isn't viable with a huge portion of operation bosses due to pulling threat early in the fight as well as horrid energy management if you want to keep up respectable DPS.

TL;DR If you are a subscriber, grab field respec and use scrapper for dailes, pvp and HM FP..operations you should be using dirty fighting, if you want a class that excels in all of a scoundrel's DPS roles then reroll shadow for a similiar but far more powerful stealth experience or any other class , because the only thing a scoundrel is good at right now is healing which a few of us don't want to do because we rolled scoundrels long ago for DPS