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DPS Guardians on Boss fights

SheikShmoove's Avatar

01.10.2013 , 12:53 PM | #11
Here are my most recent parses in HM TFB. I am a Vigilance-specced Guardian, mostly Dread Guard/Hazmat excepf for 1 implant and some stuff in the head and chest slots.

Writhing Horror: I clipped out the last few seconds because we get the bug where combat does not immediately end when the boss and adds are gone. My DPS is inflated somewhat because I am on add duty with our Sage.

Dread Commanders: Still the hardest fight for me to put out the DPS -- I find all the movement really breaks my rhythm and keeps me from using Master Strike as often as I would like.

Kephess the Undying: This is my best effort yet on Kephess, both of our Watchman Sentinels beat me (2423, 2467), but it is the first time I've hit 2400 in this fight in a number of clears.