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A way to change the hook system.

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A way to change the hook system.

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01.19.2015 , 08:13 PM | #1
As anyone who has decorated a stronghold or guildship fully can attest is that fully using up all the hooks can and will leave plenty of blank space in said stronghold of guildship how can we fix it without breaking the conquest point bonus balance?

I have a simple yet brilliant solution, instead of the cap being on hooks, place it on the conquest point bonus and prestige. How it works is mostly like the current system, but one you reach say 350 hooks used or 450 or etc, you will no longer get prestige or conquest point bonus from that stronghold, but you can still place down decos. With this system player will still the same bonus they get now, but now they can fully deck out strongholds instead of having it be half or near finished.

I want my walls to covered in imp banners, not be bare!
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