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Do I lose my stronghold if I stop subscribing?

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Do I lose my stronghold if I stop subscribing?

Dermok's Avatar

01.12.2015 , 02:14 AM | #1
Hi, I got a Nar Shaddaa palace for free for being a subscriber. If I stop subscribing do I lose this stronghold, or do I have to buy it again?

Sundown's Avatar

01.12.2015 , 05:42 AM | #2
I am no official, so I can only guess, but as far as I know the items handed out as rewards for specific situations (like Holo-Hutt for RotHC or similar) are not taken back. You received them as a reward for being a sub at a certain point in time, not for "being a sub".

DovahkiinTOR's Avatar

01.13.2015 , 07:54 PM | #3
No, it stays with you - your decorations won't disappear.
Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, it can never be used to hurt you.

Dermok's Avatar

01.14.2015 , 03:39 AM | #4
Thanks. Anyway I resubscribed