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Error 9000

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08.29.2015 , 06:24 PM | #11
I normally just upload to either my google drive or and link it here

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08.29.2015 , 09:24 PM | #12
this is the same issue over and over for years! I can get nothing but generic response in game, and the same things over and over in these forums, blogs help sites with no real answers from bioware. I called my IP this week and all my hardware is working perfectly. I have no connection issues with anything but swtor. I've subscribed to this game since
2 days after it launched and its the same problem over and over. I've tried every fix offered by other players and I can only conclude its a bioware problem that they are either unwilling or unable to fix... I suspect the later as its a problem that has been here since the beginning. I'm sure I'll be deemed a troll for complaining! I have a great love for the game and have spent more dollars playing it than I care to talk about but I'm so frustrated and worn out spending 75% of my time re connecting to it to play. can anyone from this company help. or are you just a lost cause?
move along, nothing to see here !

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08.29.2015 , 09:37 PM | #13
Error 9000 is a generic communication error , reason its been here since the beginning is this game is on the internet and communication is key.

Swtor itself as a game requires a fairly clean path , more so then some other online games.

I am in Australia and never get this error except if their is a net issue or the server happens to fall over (harbinger), but if it is the server falling over then everyone is affected and there is lots of posts at the same time. I think I got this twice over the last few years.

As to why it is occurring consistently for you I cant tell from the other end of a computer screen.

Running tests may help pinpoint , but it could be as simple as a antivirus scan/firewall when playing to wireless connectivity to net issues , and server fall over.

cant provide much more of an answer though i'm afraid when the only thing to go on is you get this error, there is no one answer for this error