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Dual seat mount - companion

Rageborne's Avatar

04.02.2013 , 11:59 PM | #1
I always thought it was silly that your companion vanished when you mount up, only to phase back in when you get off your single person mount.

What if there was a mount that would also have your companion ride along?

I am sure mounts that other group members can hop on has already been suggested - this could be a simple add on to that.
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Zaxem's Avatar

04.03.2013 , 12:01 AM | #2
awesome idea /signed
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MastaKorgy's Avatar

04.03.2013 , 08:54 AM | #3
good idea

Kiuldan's Avatar

04.06.2013 , 09:00 AM | #4

Some public transport taxis (like the taxis on Nar Shadda) already have a second seat. Seeing the companion ride the taxi with you would be very cool...

and the motorbike-type taxi speeders (like the ones on Ilum) would allow adding a second passenger as well.

Some personal speeders (like the tirsa Elite) would also be very suitable for having the companion
ride beside you...

Garanaga's Avatar

04.06.2013 , 03:57 PM | #5
/Signed also. Great idea

Bomyne's Avatar

04.06.2013 , 04:04 PM | #6
Agreed. Stop making my companions disappear for no reason. If I mount up, they should either join me on a mount themselves or preferably, join me on my mount (Hey, I married Vette. She won't mind holding me on the mount).If I take a taxi, have them take the second seat.

Ikthanos's Avatar

04.06.2013 , 04:16 PM | #7
This idea was toyed around with in beta a long time ago. I remember the developer response regarding why it was never implemented having to do with the Trooper droid companion M1-4X and Jedi Knight companion T7-01.

They never fully explained it, but I'm assuming it has to do with them not being humanoid and associated animation issues. Why they could not create an exception for those two companions and allow all others to travel with us in the taxis, I will never know.

KathOfNoJ's Avatar

04.07.2013 , 10:04 AM | #8
give the droids hover jets and get over it
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Orlesian's Avatar

04.07.2013 , 10:10 AM | #9
I have been wanting this for ages so I am all for this!
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