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SimulationCraft is looking for You!

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SimulationCraft is looking for You!

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03.08.2012 , 10:48 AM | #1
Entschuldigt den Englischen Text, dieser Post ist eigentlich für das englischsprachige Forum gedacht gewesen. Leider gibt es keine Möglichkeit diesen hier zu löschen.

Weiter gehts hier:

Hi everyone,

We over at the SimulationCraft project are looking for new developers for class modules not yet implemented. SimulationCraft is a event-driven simulator written in C++ which tries to model the ingame mechanics as accurately as possible and in the end we are usually interested in obtaining a statistical average of the "Damage Done per Second". While developing a class module in is certainly not as easy as doing some simple calculations in excel, there are a lot of advantages of doing so, and a lot to gain.

The SimulationCraft project was originally created for the MMO World of Warcraft ( and is still active there as well ), where it became the leading theorycrafting tool available. We now have many years of Simulation experience, and there are many generic features we can offer:

- Very sohpisticated & efficient simulation architecture ( timing wheel for the events, repeating number of combats instead of one long fight, easy ability stats collection, comprehensive buff/proc/resource/rng models, and much more )
- Detailed automated statistical analysis
- Automated Scale factor, Plot, Reforge Plot generation
- A very detail-rich html report ( check at the bottom for sample reports ), with the intention of not just spitting out a final DPS number and Scale factors, but providing a series of tools to improve not just the character gear, but also priority list, talents, etc.
The report does not only contain a bunch of numbers, but also a lot of charts and timelines to display its information visually.
- Action priority list with expression evaluation, so as much choice is given to the user as possible ( while still providing default action priority lists of course )
- A graphical user interface, while not being that fancy and all it is still very nice when working on improving profiles and doing lots of simulations.
- We'll provide support for character import as soon as its API goes online.

Of course not everything is perfect and automated. Adding in all the class talents is a bit of a pain, and I can't promise that everything with ranged & tech attacks will work instantly ( we only have sage/sorcerer and shadow/assassin modules so far, but in theory support all attack types, defense mechanics, etc. ). SimulationCraft is a organically grown project and might have some clutter in some places, making it a bit harder to start. But there is now such a rich toolset available ( kind of like a code library ) that development becomes a breeze.

If you're interested just send me a e-mail at philoptik (at) gmail (dot) com and I can help you get started.