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bolster bugs fixed at 2.7 ?

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bolster bugs fixed at 2.7 ?

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04.07.2014 , 01:58 PM | #41
Quote: Originally Posted by Raansu View Post
I don't mind it but I also hate it.

Personally, I just wish they made up their minds. Either make it about gear or don't. This in-between nonsense is what I really find absurd.

It's not really just a grind though. It's a grind to nowhere. When we are both pretty much BiS tomorrow, what has changed between us besides losing a 30-40mins swapping pieces (instead of trolling each other in WZs), and being a lot lighter in the pockets?

PvP Gear Viability? Read this first.
Tired of being broke? Stop being Felica and read this.
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04.10.2014 , 07:26 PM | #42
The powers that be are a bunch of liberals that are attempting to make everyone equal. Bolster is a joke (and like many other aspects of this mmo) and completely contradicts a pvp system that uses an additional stat to "bolster" player vs player abilities. I realize there is a difference between pvp players and pve players but unlike many other mmo's, pvp is the essence of Star Wars (Empire vs Rebublic). I know player retention isn't high on your priority list EA so I'll put it this way, get rid of bolster and your subscription revenue will increase!!! Give the pve's options as to how they can obtain subpar pvp gear to get them going. But STOP punishing the players that actually play the game for what the story is!!!! Empire vs Republic.

I apologize in advance for my first remark.....but I've racked my brain trying to figure why bolster exist.

and so....

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