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[Slicing] Is Slicing still a good profession for making credits?

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[Slicing] Is Slicing still a good profession for making credits?

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05.25.2014 , 11:28 AM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by DawnAskham View Post
And this is an important consideration in determining how one will make credits, and which way may be more optimal for a player's chosen credit making play style.

To sell anything requires time invested above and beyond the time required for a companion to run a mission or craft an item.

How much time is required depends on many factors, including how many different items are being sold, which items are being sold, the competitive nature of those markets on a given server, and the general supply and demand for the items (and component materials) on the server.
All the factors above are universal; they affect the ability to sell both materials and finished goods. Therefore, analytically speaking, they are non-factors
Quote: Originally Posted by DawnAskham View Post
If somehow one finds a server with 55s buying endless quantities of Augments, with endless quantities of low priced TRs, and little competition on Augment sales, one could probably make a killing.

However most servers I've researched have limited demand for Augments, limited supplies of low priced TRs, and a lot of competition on Augment sales.
Patience and Diversity mitigate both of these. Patience comes in many forms:
  • Delaying the purchase of TRs until prices are low
  • Which in turn leads to potentially not crafting augments for a while
  • Lastly, it’s in part the restraint to not buy up ALL the cheap TRs so that prices remain low

And I would hope that diversity is self-explanatory: being willing and able to sell several items mitigates the effect of one not selling due to over-supply and/or low demand.

Quote: Originally Posted by DawnAskham View Post
So while one can make good credits selling Augments, no one is doubling their money buying TRs nor just casually logging on once a day a few times a week and posting up pages of higher priced Augments that all sale.
IMO True and False. True in that buying TRs at say 16k each (my server value this morning), one is not going to sell an augment at 128k. But false in that comparing TR net profits to augment net profits – augments (including crits) at an average of 78k (again my server value this morning) each generate 28k profit while those 16k TRs are generating 10k (all before GTN cut)

Quote: Originally Posted by DawnAskham View Post
The people making money in Augments on my server are typically running their own Slicing missions and / or buying up any low cost TRs to supplement their own gathering while logging on multiple times a day and consistently dealing with returned / undercut items.

So a player who wants to simply log in and play the game while cycling their alt's companions once or twice, then unload what they have with minimal time spent dealing with the GTN and competition is probably going to find selling raw materials more aligned with their play style.

Conversely, a player who logs in multiple times a day while consistently cycling their alt's companions and doesn't mind and / or enjoys spending time dealing with the GTN and competing with other crafters is probably going to find crafting multiple items from materials gathered and purchased more aligned with their play style.
This is where I completely disagree. In an average week I login 10.5 times (three times every two days) and each time I login I spend 15-20 (sometimes as much as 30) minutes (on the high side – 30 minutes with every login – 5.25 hours a week) going through each of my seven characters doing what I described, and I average 5 million credits profit a week of 15873 credits profit per minute real time invested (remember the overwhelming majority of “game time” spent running missions and crafting is not “real life time”; one is NOT logged in). As I am writing this I have roughly 100 items posted on the GTN and all seven of my characters are done with the missions and crafting I sent them on waiting for me to log back in.

Quote: Originally Posted by DawnAskham View Post
And as for credits per hour, I find it hard to agree with any absolute comparisons between different activities because the time required beyond the mission / crafting time is high variable, volatile, and cannot account for comparisons at scale volumes because of the interaction between supply and demand.

How many TRs can one buy each day at or below a certain price point before the increased demand causes supply shortages and and prices rise?

How many Augments can one sell each day at or above a certain price point before supply overcomes demand and prices fall?

This is why some people, such as myself, tend to no longer spend a lot of time with the Augment market.
But again, all those variables are universal:
  • How many TRs can one produce each day is dependent on the RNG gods
  • Again diversity mitigates supply and demand on specific augments; when one can craft seven desirable augments (In my experience SW has 3, AM has 3, and AT has 2). Therefore, so what if the Reflex augments did not sell when the Might and Fortitude augments did.
Furthermore, if one is careful with his/her TR purchases, he/she can keep the prices low. As an example: just this morning, I bought about a stack's worth of TRs and the low value only increased by 500 credits each. I bought enough TRs to be able to craft more augments, but not so many that I inflated TR value. And I guarantee that the next time I go to buy TRs the value will be back down to where it was when I bought this morning

Lastly, if one is smart by actually paying attention to what is already posted at what value and has some understanding of the market in question one does not have to always be the cheapest to generate a sale and therefore pricing does not crash as hard. But I will admit that this is probably the most common error made. But this is another patience factor - I do not post augments any less than a specific value that I have set for myself, and I am OK with posting them at that price even though they probably won't sell right away.

Quote: Originally Posted by DawnAskham View Post
It isn't that one cannot make credits crafting Augments, but rather that the profit potential is limited while the time required to move product is more than we feel is worth the returns.

All of which is to say that multiple ways exist to make credits, each have their own pros and cons and limitations, and players should find one that works for them and the amount of time and effort they want to dedicate, and stick to it.
Can’t argue with that
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