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Broken, Rubble, and Dead Decorations

STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > Galactic Strongholds
Broken, Rubble, and Dead Decorations

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07.16.2018 , 10:01 AM | #1
For those of you who want to turn the upcoming Rishi PvP stronghold into a real industrial wasteland, here are some decorations you might want to check out. I hope you find this list helpful --

Alien/Ancient Archaeological Find
Aluminum Salvaged Heap
Ararngement: Zakuulan Crates
Arrangement: Yavin Crates
Astromech Requisition
Banner: Orange Corellia (Damaged)
Banner: Red Corellia (Damaged)
Battle-Worn Barricade
Blaster Mark
Bondite Jetsam
Bronzium Wreckage
Cabonic Crystal Formation
Chanlon Vehicle Debris
Coil Supply Crates (Stacked)
Damaged Republic ATV
Damaged Turret
Damaged Wall Section
Damaged Zakuul WAlker
Debris Pile (Large)
Desh Junk Pile
Destroyed Battledroid
Destroyed Speeder Bike
Diatium Cargo
Durasteel Shipwreck
Electronic Brain
Electrum Cache
Emergency Response Droid
Enriched Durasteel Cache
Fossilized Tendril
Hypertech/Lost/Prehistoric/Primeval Archaeological Find
Imperial Crate Pallet
Imperial Crates (Stacked)
Industrial Fire Pit
Iokath Chromium Tower
Iokath Forge Cauldron
Iokath Garbagefall
Iokath Minidome
Iokath Spire Replica
Iokath Tributary Tower
Lightsaber Damage (Straight)
Massassi Cages
Massive Ribcage
Minefield Marker
Multi-alloy Debris
Nathema Voreclaw Corpse
Neutronium Speeder Parts
Phobium Barrel
Potted Plant: Lifeless Bud
Republic Crate Pallet
Republic Crates (Stacked)
Sandbag Barricade
Shipping Crate (Damaged)
Speederbike Trash Heap
Stacked Carbonite
Toxic Canisters
Tribal Chest
Underworld Housing Container (Red)
Yavin Ruins (Corner)
Yavin Ruins (Rubble)
Zakuulan Canister

I'm sure I've missed a few. Please reply with any you can think of. Thanks!
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07.18.2018 , 01:13 PM | #2
I haven't had the chance to scout the GTN for a second time, but thanks in advance for making this list. I'm sure it will be very helpful when I do!
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